Most Petty Things Siblings Don’t Leave A Chance To Fight Over!

Most Petty Things Siblings Don’t Leave A Chance To Fight Over!
Most Petty Things Siblings Don’t Leave A Chance To Fight Over!

“Mom and dad picked you from garbage” or “ mom and dad love me more”, have you heard these statements ever in your life? If yes, that means you are lucky enough to have a sibling, my friend.  

Have your neighbours ever complained of high noises when your sibling(s) and you are at home? Well, screaming, shouting and quarrelling are more expected than cheers in such a house. When you have siblings in the family, it is just not possible that your place will remain a house of prayer anymore. Siblings can literally fight over pettiest things because hey! It’s not them, it’s actually the sibling’s rivalry that instigates them. According to the studies, this rivalry is normal just as long as one doesn’t end up killing the other one.

Though you two might have ended up as best friends as you grew up, but you cannot deny the fact that surviving during childhood was nothing less than a battle, right? And now, as adults, we do understand the importance of siblings in our life and that is why, we send rakhi gifts to them each year, without fail. For those who survived that battle, here are some pettiest things that siblings fought for every now and then. 

The ultimate power- TV remote

Remember that mini race you and your sibling had from school to home just to conquer the ultimate power stick- The TV remote. I call it the ultimate power because we fought like it wasn’t just the TV remote, but that remote had the ultimate power to control everything in the world. The one who captured it was the ruler for the day and the other had to watch shows whichever the king wished to see.

A war over a crayon

Let alone clothes, that will be counted as major stuff because siblings can fight over stuff like crayons. There would be shouting, tugging and even some blood, as far as I remember, just because child A used a crayon that belonged to child B.  Now, be honest, how many times have you fought this war? 

The car seat

Don’t we all have fought over the car seat? Who gets to sit on the passenger seat and who will be riding along on the back seat. There used to be a race to the car every time you had to go somewhere. There were even set up turns who get to sit when according to the weekdays, with keepings Sundays alternative. 

Touching means war

When I said that they fought over anything, I meant this. Siblings were not allowed to touch each other and it’s very common to hear “mooooom, he touched me”, in such houses. Okay, now this one was really lame but back then, it triggered every single nerve in the body. 

Favourite bedsides

Now, let me clear it, those were not just bedsides you two have picked, those were your marked territories. Yes, each sibling picked their sides on the bed and the other one was not allowed to enter that side of the bed. One would be shot dead on entering the wrong territory, even in the middle of the nap. 

Those were some episodes from your childhood and Some scenes even ended with punching and kicking. But, don’t you agree that those fights were much better than the fights we have with the world now?


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