Best Mumalicious treats for a Sweet Mother’s Day Celebration

Best Mumalicious treats for a Sweet Mother’s Day Celebration
Best Mumalicious treats for a Sweet Mother’s Day Celebration

Is it too soon to be talking about mother’s day? No, I don’t think so because it’s mother’s day and it ought to be special, and special preparations take time. So, how are you planning to treat your mother on this day? 

If it was for anyone else, I would have suggested you to ask the person directly about what they want as a gift. But since it’s your mommy and if you dare to ask her, all you get is a classic reply “I have you, I have everything”. But trust me, deep inside, she is praying that you secretly understand what she wants as a gift. Tbh, presenting homemade desserts is one ideal way to treat her this year, especially if she has a sweet tooth.  

Since we always look for the best when it comes to mom, these delicious desserts belong to the category of the best. You can stop your search for mother’s day gifts because you found the list of best mumalicious desserts that will make the celebration sweet. Your mom would be soooo impressed with you.

Okay, before you get down to the list, let me assure you that these recipes may sound fancy, but they are quite easy to pull together. 

Mini cheesecakes

You know one thing about cheesecakes that makes me sad? It’s that they are so heavy that you cannot have them all at once. But what if these cakes are transformed into a single serving version. Starting the base with real graham cracker crust then comes the rich and creamy cheesecake layer. 

Chocolate doughnut strawberry shortcake

Another amazing dessert to give her a sugar rush is the strawberry shortcake topped with a glazed chocolate doughnut. Use doughnut instead of a classic shortcake because it makes it easy to assemble them, as well as lets you flaunt your creative side. 

The berry trifle

Ah! Trifle, a dessert that no one can say ‘no’ to. Though trifles in any form are irresistible, you can go with a mixed berry version. Made with just three main ingredients, pound cake, berries, and whipped cream, the result is delectable. Oh, use fresh berries for an enhanced taste. 

Champagne macarons

Any champagne lovers out there? Here is a dessert that involves one. It’s ideal for bringing a french flavour to your mother’s day celebration. Just make sure your mom doesn’t shun the consumption of alcohol, or what about not telling her at all? 

Ice cream bombe

Last is a frozen dessert, and you can prepare one any regular ice cream. It includes delicious layers of chocolate chips, pistachio almonds, strawberries and chocolate ice cream. Just gobble it (which sure you will) before it melts. 

I wish I could include all of the treats because there are a lot and lots of them out there. Just google the recipe to any of the above-mentioned recipes. Bake any one of these best recipes, Because hey! She’s your mom and moms always deserve the best. One more reason to indulge in baking is that these desserts will go along with any other mother’s day plan. 


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