Make The Rakhi Celebration Delightful With Delicious Desserts

Make The Rakhi Celebration Delightful With Delicious Desserts

Rakhsha Bandhan is the perfect time to pour in all the love you have for your siblings.  I know this is not a very common thing you do every day, I mean it’s your sibling, it’ll be weird. That is why a special day is dedicated to siblings. In India, people celebrate Raksha Bandhan that is based solely to celebrate the siblings’ bond, especially brothers and sisters. Basically, the tradition is really simple where sisters tie a rakhi or a sacred thread on their brother’s wrist and the thread is supposed to protect the bro from the negativity. It’s not that the thread has magical powers, but the belief is what makes it strong. If nothing, it at least makes the siblings realise the importance of the other in their life. I’m sure other countries too have their own way to celebrate this bond. That is how we do it in India.  

If you want to add a note of sweetness to your rakhi celebration, a variety of sweet treats will make the day even more worth waiting for. I’m talking about cakes and other desserts.  Sharing something sweet to complete the celebration is one of the main traditions in India, this year, delight your sibling with a delicious dessert. Here is a list of some desserts that you can try for Raksha Bandhan. 

Classic sugar cookies

Cookies that are sugar-coated deserve to be the opener. Cookies are a classic treat and a perfect thing that won’t fill you up too much. You can prepare some with the help of a cookie cutter or just order a box online as bakeries are all about sugar-coated cookies. 

Embedded hearts cheesecake

We know you love your brother. So instead of saying it, send a heart embedded cake when you send rakhi in Delhi to him. There are a variety of heart-shaped cakes that can be gifted to siblings. A heart-shaped cake perfectly conveys your love for your brother, why not give it a try? According to me, go for a cheesecake that has little hearts on the top would be ideal. You wouldn’t want to go overboard with hearts. Hence, This makes the cake the best indulgence for rakhi day. You can even try it in a choco crust version if you two like chocolate over cheesecake. 

White chocolate cake

The next dessert is also a cake because no one can have enough cakes and this is the most loved dessert. Sure chocolate is love and people can drool till the last bite of it, but wait till you try a white chocolate cake. If you want a twist in your celebration and want a break from the regular chocolate cake, then this will be an ideal one. You will love it for every reason because this cake is beautiful to look at, the decoration of the cake is on point and when it comes to taste, it wins in that quotient too. So, you are left with no reason not to give it a try. 

Pink velvet cupcakes

Getting a break from the regular red velvet cakes, another adorable treat that you should definitely try are cupcakes. Cupcakes are cute and mini, so you can gulp all at once. Order some of these from any online portal as these are easily available. You can even prepare some of them at home as they are easy to make. These are mini treats that you and your sibling can enjoy all day long. 

These treats will be a perfect rakhi gift as well if your sibling too has a sweet tooth and enjoys desserts just as much as you do. I just saved you from so much effort to look for other ways to show your love.