List Of Movies That Perfectly Manifest The Special Sibling Bond

List Of Movies That Perfectly Manifest The Special Sibling Bond

Raksha Bandhan is a festival based on sibling bond. It is a way to show your sibling how much you love them. Well, out of all relationships that you bind in your life, the sibling bond is the most precious one. They understand you a little more than your parents, trustworthy a little more than your friends, close to heart a little more than your partner, I mean you grew up with them, right? There are some moments that you just can’t recreate and the only person who can send the same feeling is your sibling. 

Well, the type of bond that siblings share, its anything but common. They love each other yet you see a potential they have to kill each other. They always look out for each other in public but may never say how much they love each other. This weird yet sweet bond is such a popular genre that has caught the attention of filmmakers time and again. Undoubtedly, some have really done a good job of coming up with perfect movies that manifest the special sibling bond. This year, along with a rakhi gift arrange these movies to watch with your sibling. 

10 Things I Hate About You

This movie is about two sisters who are completely different poles. Despite the big difference, the sisters stick together throughout the movie. 10 is too little, I think if you were given a chance, you can list down thousands of things you hate about your sibling, right? But still, you know you love them.  


If you are a marvel fan, you must be aware of the famous character thor. While he gained popularity for his good deeds and saving the world, his infamous brother Loki has always deceived him time and again. Throughout the movie, Loki and Thor share a back and forth relationship but the important point to note is that Thor has still stood up for his brother just like you come to your sibling’s defence even after knowing how evil he or she is. 

This movie is simple, no fancy story, just something every sibling would easily relate to who drifted apart as they grew up to fly in different cities. The movie that came back in 2000 still feels fresh because of its realistic story that shows two siblings who bonded great as kids when their parents died in a car accident, at a very young age. They just had each other. But as they grew up, summy and terry start to drift apart and move to different places. However, when the brother comes back to his sister after many years, Sammy (sister) is there to welcome him with all her heart. 

Despite his weird behaviour at times, the siblings soon learn the art of forgiveness and accept each other’s imperfections. As the name says, you can always count on your sibling no matter what the situation is.  Irrespective of the years you take to come back around, they are always the same. As Raksha Bandhan will soon be upon us, so order online rakhi to Chennai for your brother well in advance.

These are the movies that perfectly showcase the siblings bond.