Know-How To Play Secret Santa Game At Work Place!

Know-How To Play Secret Santa Game At Work Place!
Know-How To Play Secret Santa Game At Work Place!

The most wonderful time of the year is here again! Yes, December is love, not just because it’s my best friend’s birthday month and the love I have for those cozy quilts but also because things are a lot merrier! You guessed it right! Christmas is here. So, tell me the most Christmassy thing about this festival is? The exchanging of gifts and lots of desserts, I heard! Also, everyone is thrilled about the Christmas party at home and the office. The tempting Christmas cake only adds the spark to our festive vibes. Who is the greatest joy-bearer for you around Christmas time? SECRET SANTA!

We all know & love secret Santa, right? It is always fun to surprise someone (whom we may not even know) on Christmas, and the excitement gets doubled when giving and receiving the gifts are done, and the secret Santa is revealed! However, if you are not apprised of the rules of this game, so I will be enlightening them for you through this article. So, let’s get started!

Drawing The Names

The foremost thing this game asks for is the names of all the participants written on paper and placed in a container. Also, you can make everyone write a few things about themselves since becoming a secret Santa of a complete stranger could be awkward, right? For example, Robin- Music lover, die-hard fan of Harry Potter, chocolate adorer, etc. This would help the secret Santa get a gift relevant to the recipient’s personality. Ask your co-worker to draw the name and start their preparations for the same.

Selecting A Gift

Buying gifts are always tricky. However, when you shop one for a friend, it is not that brain-storming, but when it is for a coworker, you often find yourself caught in a tight spot. If there’s a wishlist provided as suggested above, then stick to it, you will have a safe landing. In case, there isn’t any wishlist, you can go for a generic gift item that can be gifted to anyone. These examples might help you understand better: a beautiful home decor item, a wind-champ, perfume would do too.

A Pair Of Ground Rules

Basically, playing secret Santa at the office strives for a better understanding and bonding with your co-workers. So firstly, fixing a budget would help you take off the pressure. Also, it is all about having fun, so no one would fret over the gifts and budget. Secondly, you must set a gift-giving date. Yes, that is quite important to keep in mind since most of your co-workers might be planning a Christmas-vacation, so you don’t want to ruin that, right? Fixing a date would avoid such situations.

Exchanging Gifts

Excited already? Yes, you are. The day also brings an excuse to have some good food and interesting conversation with everyone. Finally, here comes the time when everyone gets their Christmas gifts, followed by an unwrapping session. The gifts reach the right person with the help of the note that the secret Santa leaves. Lastly, the secret Santa is revealed which definitely is a session that is laughter and Christmas-cheers rich.

So, I hope you are good to go and organize a secret Santa game at your office. Also, keep these two things in mind: First- never slip it to anyone whose secret Santa you are and second- enjoying is obligatory.


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