Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas To Make Your Bae Feel Better Whilst She’s Fasting

Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas To Make Your Bae Feel Better Whilst She’s Fasting
Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas To Make Your Bae Feel Better Whilst She’s Fasting

You might not be feeling it, but we have almost reached the quarter of this year as well. We are already in the eight-month of 2020, and soon, the festive season will be here. In India, this festival season includes Navratri, Dussehra, Karwa Chauth, Diwali , and Bhai Dooj. These are very important festivals in India, and each festival has its own significance. Every festival gives us the chance to appreciate different bonds that we share with different people like bhai dooj is for siblings.

Similarly, Karwa Chauth is for couples. Though this year might have been a different one than we have ever witnessed and the way to celebrate festivals might be a little upgraded, but the festive feels are still the same. We still are going to celebrate each and every festival with full enthusiasm, right?

Karwa Chauth 2020 falls on November 4th, and it’s the day when couples can show their love and affection for each other. I mean wives are totally up for it because they would be fasting, it’s on the husbands if they want to do the same or not? Wondering how you can do that? What do you think Karwa Chauth gifts are for? See, The love that a wife has for her husband is so pure that she fasts for the whole day without even sipping a glass of water. I think it is the purest kind of love that ladies can ever show to their counterparts. So, consider Karwa Chauth as an excuse to pamper your lady love and shower her with gifts. If you are new in this game, oh, I mean, newlywed or you are buying gifts for your wife or girlfriend for the first time, then our list of Karwa Chauth gifts will be of great help. Let’s head to the list. 

A classy outfit

We, women, love clothes and would never mind infinite clothes as gifts coming our way. Not even mind, we actually love it. So, you can give your lady a classy outfit according to her taste. Also, most women get dressed really well on Karwa Chauth day, you can give her an Indian outfit that she can flaunt on this day. 


Another thing that women love to add in her collection is handbags. They never have enough handbags that go well with every outfit. So, you can still consider this option even if your lady already has a drawer full of handbags and purses. If she has a favorite brand, look in the same brand, and opt for a tan or neutral color to be on the safe side. You can even ask her which color bags are missing from her collection so that your gift proves to be useful. 


Then we land on to jewelry which is again an idea that never fails to impress. As you know that jewelry is available in so many different concepts, you can pick an anklet for your girl because they look classy and are trendy too. Get it in gold or silver so that she can wear it on a daily basis. 

Makeup products

You can also go around buying makeup products for her. Now, there is an endless world that opens when we think of makeup products, buy some she uses often. Even the simplest girl wears kajal sometimes, so you can give her makeup products like kajal, eyeliner, and mascara. 

You know she would be starving the whole day, and your gift can actually make her feel really better. So, your gift should be worth her excitement. 

Hope all the people who are gearing for Karwa Chauth, have a wonderful one.