Karwa Chauth – A Conglomeration of Belief, Love & Care


Karwa Chauth is a very auspicious & most awaited day in the life of married Hindu women. It is a one-day celebration which is on the fourth day of the full moon. Married women fast from sunrise to moonrise for the wellbeing & long life of their husbands. They rise early, before dawn cracks, eat ‘Sargi’ (Fruits, dry fruits, cooked food, sweets, etc.) which helps then a little to sustain through the day-long fasting. Along with with fasting the celebration also depicts the love; respect & honor the couple has for each other. So today, let’s find out the different ways you can celebrate & strengthen the bond.


Married women are usually showered by gifts from their in-laws like Karwa Chauth Pooja Thali, new clothes & wearables, etc. But Husbands play a major role in gifting as the celebration is dedicated to them. After parents, Husband is the person who knows his wife in & out so gifting should not be a difficult task as they would know their partner’s likes & dislikes, which is a big advantage. However, if you are one of those husbands who are in a dilemma, then you can look for Karwa Chauth gifts online for some options, and try to add a personal touch to it.

Mehndi Party

This one is for the ladies, with Karwa Chauth just round the corner you can plan your celebrations in advance, and Mehendi party followed by dinner can definitely be one among them, as an application of Mehendi/Henna is a traditional act. It will be a great get together with relatives & friends where you can enjoy great food & music & create memories, and with all that good food, you might not feel hungry the next day of fasting.

Cute Beginning

On the day of fasting you can make your husband feel more special by crafting a few handmade gifts & greetings, which you can place by the bed so he can have a cute start of the day, in the car or on the bike while he is going to work, or in the lunch box which will give him a sweet surprise. Your gift & greetings can be full of sweet old memories, flirty messages & kisses.


For women, shopping is a delight (not that delightful for the man’s pocket). Jokes aside, shopping can be a good way to trick your mind from the constant thought & feel of hunger. You can go around buying new clothes, footwear, accessories, etc. for the evening celebration along with that you can also shop for Karwa Chauth pooja thali online as well as gift for your better half. You can also give yourself, later, as a reward for accomplishing the big day successfully.

Post Fast Party

The most awaited & important part of the day come when the moon shows up after which the women indirectly observe the moon through a sieve or in a bowl of water, which is followed by their husband’s offering them the first sip of water & first morsel of food. This obviously means that the fast is completed. Achieving this mammoth task definitely calls for a party, and a post-fast party is a fantastic idea where the women can eat & make merry.

The ‘We’ Time

After a long tiring day of fasting, enjoying the company of your partner can be very comforting. You can plan a mini-vacation if it’s a weekend, where you both can go out of town on a romantic getaway. Or simply go for a movie followed by a Special candlelight Karwa Chauth dinner and a long drive. You can also visit places where you first met or created sweet memories & relive those cherished moments.

These are a few tips to celebrate Karwa Chauth this year & cherish the strong bond you share with your partner.


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