Karwa Chauth 2019- 8 Must Not Do Things on this Beautiful Festival


Karwa Chauth festival! The most awaited and beautiful time of the year when surroundings filled with the fragrance of henna, sounds of bangles and bright red color of sindoor. Karwa Chauth is the ideal time to shower your love on your better half and become the reason for their cute smile after all their happiness is everything to you. This festival is observed by married Indian women when they keep a fast for the whole day without even guzzling a drop of water, all for the long life of their husbands. This is the beauty of this festival when a woman sacrifices her food for someone she wants for the whole life. Whereas, husbands greet their wives with a lovely Karwa Chauth gift. There is nothing better day to celebrate the eternal bond of husband and wife in a great way.

While observing fast on Karwa Chauth, there are some of the things that a married woman should not do. Yes, that’s true! Some of the facts are related to some beliefs and some are stated by the experts. Keeping in mind the below-listed “don’ts,” one can observe the Karwa Chauth fast smoothly. Check it out all the below-listed points, especially mentioned to make your Karwa Chauth stress-free and easy.

Don’t Use Sharp Objects

There is a belief regarding this Karwa Chauth festival that a married woman who is keeping a fast for her husband should not use scissors, knife or any sharp objects on this day. Working with pointed objects is prohibited. You should not even thread a needle. This point is one of the important “don’ts” that you should never perform on this day.

Never Break Your Fast with Fried Dishes

Next don’ts on our list is that you should never break your fast with fried dishes. After fasting for the whole day, try to break your fast with a few drops of water, coconut water or something that doesn’t contain fat. You can also consume dry fruits as it is always said as a healthy snack.

Exchange the Karwa

Karwa Chauth is the time for celebration. On this day, you also get an excellent chance to strengthen your bond with your mother-in-law, sisters or friends. So, it is okay if they all are present with a Karwa Chauth pooja thali in the puja ceremony. But if you are alone, then remember to share your Karwa with Maa Gauri.

Don’t Drink Tea or Coffee

You must avoid everything that can dehydrate your body and cause different kinds of health problems. Most of the women prefer to sip coffee or tea to gain energy. But this is not the right solution. It gives you pleasure for a while but not for a long time. It can cause nausea and acidity, which later on makes your fast difficult.

Avoid Hard Work

Yes! While keeping a day-long fast, you should save your energy as much as possible. Don’t do household work, avoid outings and everything which consumes a vast amount of energy and makes you feel weak.

Don’t Eat Heavy Food While Having Sargi

Most women believe that eating heavy food while having Sargi will give them the energy to observe a fast for the entire day. But that’s not true! Heavy foods, sweets and oily snacks make you dehydrated and cause acidity. This Karwa Chauth, add some fruits and dry fruits in your sargi as it is always considered as the best source of energy.


On this day, you must avoid eating food. Instead of this, you can include something healthy like fruits and dry fruits, which can act as an instant source of energy. After breaking your fast, consume fruits as it will not affect your digestive system.

Do Not Use Things Which Involve 360-Degree Hand Movements

Next on our list is to avoid things that involve 360-degree movements. If we say in a layman language, prevent the use of those things which move like a charkha. It is not said to be auspicious. So, ladies, this time, remember this “don’t” and make your Karwa Chauth, a beautiful one.

The above-listed points are some of the things you should not perform on the auspicious occasion of Karwa Chauth.


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