5 Tips to Avoid a Headache from Starvation on Karwa Chauth


Who all are looking forward to getting dressed and be a part of Karwa Chauth celebrations? Sure many of you must be excited, especially the newlyweds, and your preparations must be on the full swing.

For the ones who are new to this word, Karwa Chauth is an old Indian tradition that has slowly become a culture. Married Hindu women fast the whole day and then have a grain only after spotting the moon at night. All this is done for the long life of their respective partners. Sounds crazy, right? But it’s a way how Hindu women show their love for their husbands. Husbands, in return, shower their partners with Karwa Chauth gifts as a symbol of appreciation. Although it is a most awaited day for Indian women, Trust me, most women don’t even know the origin. But you can save the research work for some other day.

The moral of the story is that Karwa Chauth fasting is as mandatory as breathing for married women. Since it becomes unavoidable to skip Karwa Chauth, get armed with tips and hacks that will save you from the severe headache that follows you everywhere due to starvation on this important day.

Nutrition is the Key

you must be already aware that nutrition helps you to avoid a headache. Since on Karwa Chauth, you only eat one portion of food in the early morning, the food should be loaded with nutrition that will help you sustain throughout the day. Opt for protein-rich foods like yogurt, nuts, and pulses. These foods take a longer time to digest, keeping you full for longer and save you from hunger pangs.

Complex Carbohydrates

Another savior of the day are the complex carbs. So load your early morning meal (I mean the only meal of the day) with rice, fruits, wholesome bread, and cereals. Complex carbohydrates can sustain the blood sugar levels for a longer time, preventing the headache. Thus, consuming complex carbs in the morning will help you through the day with ease ( not that you won’t miss the food).


How can we miss on the major cause of headache, dehydration! So, pump up your water levels and drink as much water as you can before the curfew begins, oh I mean, the fast begins. According to some researches, consuming enough water and fluids plays as a safeguard against headaches. There is a full-fledged science behind the relevance of headache and the water, but I don’t want to sound geeky and all. So you just concentrate on your water supply.


Eyeing on those sugar-coated Mathis in your Karwa Chauth pooja thali? Well, it’s a big no-no. Yes, you read that right. All women jump on those Mathis they get in the sargi, as long as they wake up. I know those Mathis holds the love and sentiments that your mother in law sent you, but you need to avoid them to make it through the day. Actually, it’s not the Mathis that is at fault; it’s anything that is sugar-coated that should be avoided in the morning.


Another very useful hack is to get enough sleep. I know that those late-night Mehendi sessions are important, but so is your sleep. One of the main reasons for headaches is usually due to sleep deprivation. You sleep late and wake up early, depriving yourself of sleep. Have a good night’s sleep, and have a headache-free morning.

These were some ways by which you can save your Karwa Chauth celebration from being dampened due to sickness. Enjoy your day!


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