Indian Kids’ Favorite Desserts For Any Celebration

Indian Kids Favorite Desserts For Any Celebration

After toys and cartoons, if Indian kids like something, it is sweets. They prefer to eat more chocolates, cakes, cookies, etc., over anything. Your mother also scolded you guys for continuously eating desserts like me during childhood. Even sometimes, my siblings fought with me because I ate their dessert too. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! This thing also happens today whenever we see sweets and cakes around us. Even sometimes, my brother steals my sweets. 

Whether it’s a family function or any other occasion, kids run after the desserts. Sometimes, their parents order online cake delivery for their junior star for celebrating little achievements. You guys have noticed Indian kids are very foodies, especially for sweets. Some sweets also taught kids to maintain a healthy relationship with their parents. 

Let’s look at the various desserts on kids’ priorities in any celebration.

1. Ice Cream

For kids, summer means a lot of ice cream to eat. Ice cream is sweet, soft, and cool. I think that’s why children love it more. During summer, when kids hear the voice of an ice-cream hawker in their street, they request their parents to buy that dessert for them. Sometimes, if their parents refuse it, they start crying. Well!!! My favorite is snow cones. The study also showed that chocolate ice cream’s the most liked ice cream. The best part about ice cream is that it is loaded with many energy and vitamins for kids. And also minimizes the occurrence of diseases like cancer.

2. Cookies

Childhood without cookies is meaningless. We all have consumed so many cookies during our childhood. Yummy cookies give so many memories. Britannia cookies, Good day, Oreo Chocolates, etc., are some of the most liked biscuits by the children. I still remember that I used to take a cookies packet every day to school and share it with my friends during school times. Those were the golden days. Cookies are the most liked snacks not only by children, but older people also prefer them. 

3. Gulab Jamun

The popularity of ‘Gulab Jamun’ in India is the same as the popularity of Ap Dhillon among youngsters these days. Gulab jamun is the favorite of every Indian. Even your name starts watering with the name of this dessert. When you taste this heavenly sweet, you feel like you achieved the Oscars, grammy, etc. Indian kids love the gulab jamun because they are very soft. There are also kid-friendly gulab jamun for kids that don’t affect kids’ health. 

4. Cake

In addition to the above desserts, the next famous one is ‘Cake. ‘ Kids are not excited for their birthday, the way they get excited about their Cake. Even some children also demand their parents that they want ‘what kind of designer cake before their birthday.’ Suppose parents can’t visit a bakery store in this hectic world; they order cake and make their baby’s birthday special. 

5. Barfi

I think nobody hates ‘Barfi.’ Kaju ki barfi is India’s favorite sweet compared to others. Undoubtedly, every wedding or family function is incomplete without the barfi. Dry fruit is best for making the kid energetic. Kids always run after these delicious desserts because, somewhere, their taste gives them inner patience that activates the kid’s energy to another level.

6. Ladoo

If you have ever visited Indian villages, you have observed one thing mothers in villages make homemade besan ke ladoo, moong dal ladoo for their children. These classical snacks give unlimited energy to their kids. It includes ghee, which is also made at home. It also defines the mother’s love, like how she puts her efforts into making her child stronger. These traditional desserts are also good for the mental health of the young ones. 

7. Cup Cake

Cupcakes are also very popular among kids. Kids’ pocket money is not at the level that they can buy Cake for themselves; they prefer cupcakes because they are pocket-friendly. After candies and cookies, if kids invest their money in something, it is the cupcake.

Finally, I would like to say that don’t scold your kids for eating too many sweets. Kids are not mature enough, and they don’t understand the side effects of eating desserts. Childhood is the best stage of life. Tell your kids like a friend because kids copy their friends. If you scold them like a parent, they will start crying.