How to take care of indoor bamboo plants – A Pro Guide

bamboo plant

Are you a proud plant owner and looking for how to take care of your indoor bamboo plant? If yes, you landed on the right page where you can learn everything from how to plant bamboo indoors to how to take care of indoor bamboo plants. Starting with, what bamboo plant signifies and why? So, voila!

What does the bamboo plant signify?

According to the Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, keeping bamboo plants at home or office brings wealth, fortune, and good luck. They represent strength and growth, standing tall and staying green even in the fiercest conditions. At times of storm, bamboo bends with the wind symbolizing flexibility and resilience. Consequently, bamboo plants are considered lucky and auspicious.

Why bamboo plant is called lucky?

We all are familiar with the hollow structure of the indoor bamboo plant. As per Feng Shui, this form of the plant helps in the movement of Chi energy. FYI, Chi energy refers to the current that runs through our bodies, animating all living things. That means it promotes the flow of positive energy, rendering prosperity and fortune. As lucky bamboo plants can grow fast, it suggests that money will also come in flow. On that note, here’s how you can plant, grow, and take care of indoor bamboo plants.

How to Plant Bamboo Indoors?

For those wondering if lucky bamboo can be planted outside, yes, you can plant bamboo outdoors. However, direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions can harm the plant. Therefore, lucky bamboo is more of an indoor plant. According to Vastu, you should plant the lucky bamboo in the southeast direction or at the north entrance of your house. Jumping on, how to grow an indoor bamboo plant. You can grow your money plant in water, soil, or pot. Although, for faster growth, choose the first option. 

If you are looking to plant bamboo seeds indoors, here’s how you can do it.

  1. Moist the compost or soil in a pot or tray.
  2. Soak the bamboo seeds separately in water for around 24 hours.
  3. Afterward, plant the seeds and coat them with a thin layer of compost.
  4. Now, cover the seeds with a plastic bag for a few weeks until it starts sprouting.
  5. Finally, after 4 or more weeks of growth, carefully transfer the seeds into a pot with good drainage holes.

For a detailed guide on how to grow bamboo plants indoors in water and soil, follow our dedicated step-to-step guide. In addition, we have some pro ideas on how you can track the growth of your indoor bamboo plants.

How to Take Care of Lucky Bamboo Plants Indoors?

A plant parent has several questions and confusions in mind like how to maintain indoor bamboo plants, how to care for indoor bamboo plants, how to water indoor bamboo plants, and more. Well, clear the clutter, here are a few indoor bamboo plant care tips.

  • If you are growing an indoor bamboo plant in soil, pick up a container with good drainage system.
  • Water the plant only when the top layer of soil is dry. Indoor bamboo plants prefer moist soil but not too much water.
  • If you are growing bamboo plants in water, avoid using tap water. The bamboo plant grows better in purified water with no chemicals.
  • Make sure that the bamboo plant’s roots are always covered with water. However, only submerge the root with water. Do not dunk the plant or let it dry.
  • If possible, mix fertilizer in the water every 4 weeks for faster growth.
  • Keep the plant where the temperature is neutral. Avoid keeping it near the heat or cold area.
  • Place your indoor bamboo plant where it can receive indirect sunlight as the plant will not grow much in lower light conditions. 
  • Brush or spray water on the leaves if you see any dust collecting on them.
  • If your small bamboo plant outgrows the pot, gently transfer it to a large container.
  • Tie the bamboo stalks with ribbon so that the plant weight doesn’t let it fall off.

We hope these tips and tricks will help you to look after your indoor bamboo plant. Remember to have faith, good luck, wealth, prosperity, a calm mind, and healthy air will chase you if you properly maintain and take care of the indoor bamboo plant.

FAQs – Lucky Bamboo Indoor Plant

  1. Where to buy indoor bamboo plants?

Other than any plant nursery near you, you can also buy Indoor bamboo plants online from plant-friendly sites like Winni and get them delivered to your home.

  1. How often to water indoor bamboo plants?

For healthy growth, water the indoor bamboo plant twice or thrice a week. In addition, remember to change the water every 10 days.

  1. Is bamboo a good indoor plant?

Bamboo is a good indoor plant as it purifies the air, removes pollutants, and brings wealth, and prosperity. Besides, the greener ambiance and fresh air are a plus.

  1. Can bamboo be planted indoors?

Yes, lucky bamboo plants are meant to be planted indoors as they can not survive the harsh weather conditions outside.

  1. What else can I plant with indoor bamboo plants?

Every indoor plant that requires less care and attention can sit perfectly with a lucky bamboo plant. For instance snake plant, lily, spider plant, English ivy, and more.