How to pick a guy for Valentine’s day?

For all the single women out there, valentine’s day is the perfect time for you to pick a man. We know how intimidating it is to be alone on the day of love. So if you are feeling the same way this year, don’t hold back having pity on yourself. In fact, dress up and try a few tricks that might help you pick a guy from the crowd. If cupid is sailing in the air, you have to be outside. Who knows when it hits your heart? 

Pick another single girlfriend

You don’t want to be looked at as someone with no friends. Therefore, it is essential to pick up your wing women. Also, do not gather up a lot of your girlfriends as it makes guys discomfiting if they want to approach you. In addition, getting accompanied by another single woman could attract guys for both of you. 

Visit a non-romantic place

When you both are all dressed up and ready to hit the road, remember to avoid any couple-friendly place. Instead, visit a bar or a club if you can. It will give you a broad chance to pick a guy and also, you can enjoy a lot more there. Besides, you can not find single boys in fancy cafes that are meant for couples. What you are looking for is an anti-valentines party to pick a guy. As a matter of fact, there are a few parties that are specially organized for singles.

Make yourself evident 

A guy will notice you if you are evident so be certain that you are. This way, you can even get a chance to choose from different guys. To make yourself prominent, try wearing a light or bright shade outfit like white, yellow, sky blue, etc. If you are comfortable, flaunt your skin too. Another thing you can do is dance around and show off your moves. Do all the witty things, whatever you want, just don’t sit at a booth and talk about work or life with your friend. 

Accept the signals

If a guy is giving you any signal, catch them! As we already know, guys are easy to hit. All you have to do is make eye contact and smile, and boom! They are standing next to you. In case someone is already adoring your pretty outfit and great moves, exchange a greeting and strike up a conversation. Do not forget to wish valentine’s day as well. If things go well, you can now try to shift to somewhere quiet or couple friendly where you two can talk. Needless to say, your girlfriend will obey the bro code!

Be open

If everything goes the way you intend to, do not hesitate or confine yourself. Talk your heart out, laugh as hard as you can, trust us, guys love that. Be open and bold enough to express yourself and what are you seeking. Take all the little efforts, like accepting the drink he is offering, introducing him to your friend, and greeting his friends lovingly. 

We hope that you have an amazing valentine’s day, even if you are single. In the end, we all have someone to share our feelings with. But these tricks can do the job for you, if not permanently, then temporarily. This is what makes life fun, isn’t it?