How to Elevate Love in 7 Days of Valentine Week?


What are your plans for Valentine’s Week 2020? Still thinking or planning? The year-long wait for all love birds is over because the week of love is almost here. Every day of the week, starting from the rose day on Feb 7 is a lovely opportunity to celebrate the great love and togetherness. The month of Feb brings excitement and thrill into the love bug’s heart and is much awaited all around. The beautiful celebration of valentine’s day gives you a chance to make every single moment with your partner count and the most cherishable one in the whole year! Starting 7 days before the V-day, Each day has a special significance! People all over the world celebrate the beauty of love by exchanging Valentine gifts, and sweet promises during Valentine’s season. While everyone is preparing for this day and planning to treat each other to a special outing or date, there are various ways to celebrate each day of love-week.

Here are significant 7 days of Valentine week that you must celebrate with your significant other and plan a romantic day together, host a V-Day themed party for your friend circle or make the day beautiful by pampering yourself. Make 2020 best year till now.

Rose Day

Rose Day marks the beginning of Valentine Week, celebrated on February 7 every year. People celebrate this special day with flowers and love-quotes, but the symbol of love, a red rose, is the perfect start for Valentine’s week. Many lovers also avail the online flowers delivery in Mumbai or anywhere offered by different flower portals to send their floral surprise at the dear one’s doorstep. Take a big bouquet of red roses to make your sweetheart feel over the moon.

Propose Day

This is the best opportunity to express your love for someone! If you are already committed, married, appreciate them, or simply renew your vows. If you have no plans, then you can simply take your partner for a romantic candlelight dinner date. Another idea you can go for is to propose him/her at the place where you both met for the first time; even that can be a super romantic idea that your beloved will love and admire.

Chocolate Day

Chocolate adds more magic to love that is already in the air during Valentine’s week. Rightly said by Charles M. Schulz that “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” Instead of gifting chocolate or ordering Valentine cake, you can bake a chocolate cake for your darling and express your love in a sweet way. As chocolate symbolizes love, it will be the sinful combination your partner will love and admire on a special day.

Teddy Day

It might sound cliched, but a cute teddy bear is the best present to cuddle with when your darling misses you. Teddies are the cutest gift that you can go for. Wherever you go to buy teddy bears, don’t forget to add on beautiful flowers as per his/her taste. This present can sit in their room and always remind them of your love time and again.

Promise Day

Promise Day is the lovely day that signifies the importance of commitment. If you think that your love is going to last forever, make the promise at the right time and keep it for a lifetime. Make the commitment unique at the time when you both are immersed at the moment like during your romantic candlelight dinner or by promising under the moonlight. Make this day more beautiful by pre-planning at the venue to play your lover’s favorite song, get wine or cake.

Hug Day

Another beautiful day of Valentine’s week is Hug Day! Nothing can convey your heart’s feelings as effectively as a tight hug. Whether it is a spontaneous casual hug or if you plan to hug your beloved one each time you meet them, you can always make them feel loved with just a hug. On this special day, plan an evening outing with your special someone. Make it casual, enjoyable, and refreshing by expressing your heart out. Look for moments to hug your sweetheart and see in their eyes.

Kiss Day

A romantic moment need not always be expensive and fancy. It is ‘kiss day,’ so why don’t you steal some random kisses together on a cozy evening at home? Dig into a home-cooked meal, jingle wine glasses, and enjoy the company of each other. A tender kiss on a forehead can work magic or express your love with a warm kiss.

Valentine’s Day

Finally! The last day of love week i.e Valentine’s Day comes with a chance to show your love and affection to your special one, and this should be amazing. In this case, a bouquet of roses is perfect for sweeping your partner off their feet. If you wish to surprise your partner with a unique gesture or want to drop a hint for someone you have just met, this is the best day to do that in a heart-winning way. Moreover, if you want to get a better taste of Romance, you can present a heart-shaped rose arrangement to your beloved.

Valentine’s week speaks it’s magic! All the ideas we mentioned above will help a lot to make the love season a memorable one. Those who are in love and away from their lifeline residing in Delhi can go for online flower delivery in Delhi and make them feel the warm presence of your love despite the distance. So enjoy the togetherness and wish you happy Valentine’s Day!


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