How to do Dhanteras Pooja at home in 2023


What is Dhanteras?

Dhanteras, also known as Dhanatrayodashi is a Hindu festival celebrated by Indians all over the world. The occasion marks the beginning of the five-day festival of Diwali. It is believed that worshipping on this day blesses people with wealth and prosperity. Also, it wards off financial troubles and brings success and good fortune. The festival is considered an auspicious time for starting new ventures and making new investments to ensure future profit.


Why do we celebrate Dhanteras?

The significance of Dhanteras is rooted in Hindu mythology and cultural traditions. Fundamentally, people celebrate the occasion to seek the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, to usher in prosperity and promote well-being. As said, it marks the beginning of the Diwali festival. Praying on this day is said to bring financial success and prosperity. It is a time for worship, festivities, and cultural practices that revolve around wealth, health, prosperity, and good fortune.

Moreover, as a tradition, people light lamps and diyas on Dhanteras to symbolize the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. This light is also thought to drive away negative energies and bring positivity to the home. The other rituals include cleaning and decorating homes and drawing Rangoli, creating a festive and inviting atmosphere for Goddess Lakshmi.


What should we buy on Dhanteras?

Dhanteras is an auspicious day to initiate new ventures, investments, and financial activities. In addition, it is a propitious occasion to purchase valuable items that symbolize prosperity. Here are some common items that you can buy this festival.

  1. Gold and Silver: Buying gold and silver jewelry, coins, or in any other form is the most popular ritual. These metals symbolize wealth as they are a source of investment and their value increases with time.
  2. Electronic Appliances: Gadgets and kitchen electronic appliances are a way to enhance the comfort and well-being of the household. Therefore, purchasing them on Dhanteras is believed to bring victory. 
  3. Idols: Buying idols made of brass, silver, marble, or wood illuminate the homes and invite positive energy. People usually buy Lord Ganesha or Goddess Lakshmi idols for this occasion.
  4. Saraswati Puja Items: On this day, people also prefer buying books, musical instruments, or other items related to education and knowledge. This way, they seek blessing and wisdom for their art.
  5. Utensils: Another common purchase during Dhanteras are new kitchen utensils, especially items made of brass, copper, clay kitchen, or silver. They represent the abundance of the household and are considered a symbol of success.
Utensils: Another common purchase during Dhanteras are new kitchen utensils, especially items made of brass, copper, clay kitchen, or silver. They represent the abundance of the household and are considered a symbol of success.

What NOT to buy on Dhanteras?

Yes, certain things are considered inauspicious to buy on Dhanteras. While the festival is said to attract good luck, positivity, and fortune, purchasing these objects can bring bad luck and negativity. 

  1. Sharp Objects: As per Hindu mythology, sharp objects such as knives, scissors, or blades bring bad luck to the home. Therefore, one should ignore purchasing such things on Dhanteras.
  2. Glass or Aluminium: Glass is a fragile sharp object. As per Astrologers, it is directly related to Rahu. Besides, Lord Kuber does not shower his blessings upon those who purchase aluminum.
  3. Oil: Oil as well, is not considered auspicious. Accordingly, if you need mustard oil, refined oil, olive oil, or even ghee to lamp the diyas on Dhanteras, make sure to buy them a day prior.
  4. Gifts: Dhanatrayodashi is a day to bring in investments. Accordingly, giving gifts on this occasion is not lucky. Diwali gifting should be done before or after the first day.
  5. Iron or Steel: Buying iron and steel on Dhanteras is unlucky. Accordingly, people should switch to copper or brass metals.

How many days before Diwali is Dhanteras celebrated? 

Dhanteras marks the first day of the festival of lights. It is celebrated two days before Diwali. Following the first day is ‘choti Diwali, also known as Naraka Chaturdasi. After Diwali and Lakshmi puja follows the Govardhan Puja and Bhai Dooj, marking the end of the most significant Hindu festival.


How many diyas to light on Dhanteras?

The ancient Hindu scriptures and religious texts reveal that 13 diyas should be lit on Dhanteras. These lamps are dedicated to the owner of wealth, Lord Kuber. Each diya should be placed at different locations within the house. For instance, it is customary to ut a diya at the entrance to symbolize the welcoming of the guest. Other diyas can be placed in the kitchen, mandir, living room, bedroom, washroom, terrace, balcony, and so on.


Which deity is worshipped on Dhanteras?

The Hindu traditions worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Dhanvantari on Dhanteras. Goddess Lakshmi is the primary deity as she is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Seeking her blessing in the right way on this festival brings financial well-being. 


On the other hand, Lord Dhanvantari is considered the god of Ayurveda. As we already know, Ayurveda is associated with healing and well-being. On Dhanteras, Lord Dhanvantari shower his blessings for good health and physical well-being to those who worship him on this promising day.