Anniversary Gifts Theme By Year (Part III)

Anniversary Gifts Theme

During the first ten anniversaries, couples lay the foundation for their lifelong journey by knowing each other intimately. On the other hand, in the second decade of their relationship, they truly start to build their lives together. Afterwards, comes the time to strengthen the bonds and prove your commitment to each other. It’s a time to fortify their love and weave their individual stories. To maintain the initial butterflies and rush, couples share traditional anniversary gifts as a source of inspiration. Now that we already know the classic presents for the first 2 decades, here’s how you can mark the further milestones.

25th Anniversary: Silver

Of course, we all know that the 25th wedding anniversary is known as silver jubilee. Naturally, that makes silver the traditional gift. Silver represents the beauty, shine, and value of a long-lasting union. To celebrate the quarter of a century with your love, consider gifting silver rings or jewelry, a silver photo frame, a couple of silver bowls, and so on. This anniversary is all about celebrating the enduring shine of your love.


30th Anniversary: Pearl

Your three decades of being together are a sign of your wisdom, loyalty, and love towards each other. This pure feeling is denoted by pearl. To make it more special, exchange traditional anniversary gifts such as pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, or pearl bracelets. You can also explore pearl-themed home decor like pearl photo frames or pearl-adorned vases. This will also infuse elegance into your living space.

Pearl Anniversary

35th Anniversary: Coral

A thoughtful gift for your 35th anniversary might be coral-colored clothing or accessories. Because coal represents protection and longevity. Alternatively, you can also consider gifting a piece of coral-inspired art to adorn your home. If you are an adventurous soul, there could be nothing better than experiencing scuba diving or adopting a coral reef in your name.

Coral Anniversary

40th Anniversary: Ruby

A decade left for your half-century signifies the beauty and passion of your relationship. This fire is represented by none other than Rubi. To start paving your way further, ruby jewelry such as rings, pendants, or cufflinks are a great present. In addition, you can also give red roses as they speak for your unconditional love and match the shade of ruby as well. 


45th Anniversary: Sapphire

The 45th anniversary is associated with sapphire as it represents loyalty and wisdom. It is the perfect choice for your years of commitment. Sapphire things, like necklaces or bracelets, are timeless anniversary gifts for this special milestone. Moreover, sapphires are often associated with the night sky. So, you can also consider having a date under the stars or going for a star-gazing experience.


50th Anniversary: Gold

You’ve gracefully grown together like a fine wine! Your half-century as a couple is a golden anniversary as it marks 50 years of love and commitment.  Gold represents strength, wisdom, and wealth. As you might have guessed, gold jewelry, such as rings or necklaces, are a traditional anniversary gifts choice. To make this golden milestone unforgettable, don’t forget to plan a grand celebration with friends and family.

Golden anniversary

55th Anniversary: Emerald

The gifting theme for the charming 55th anniversary is emerald. Emeralds symbolize love, rebirth, and the renewal of life. You can consider gifting emerald jewelry or a personalized gift featuring emerald accents. Other than this, you can arrange a garden theme party with your loved ones to honor this remarkable occasion.


60th Anniversary: Diamond

The marvelous sixty years of your wedding call for something extraordinary. This anniversary bliss is all about strength and endurance. And so is the diamond! So, diamond jewelry, such as a pendant, pendant, brooch, or cufflinks should be your go-to gift choice. This time, party hard like never before with your near and dear ones. Also, don’t forget to renew your vows and make it extra impressive.

Diamond anniversary

Traditional anniversary themes offer a helpful guide to mark the occasion. But what truly matters is the love and appreciation you express for your partner. Always remember that each anniversary is a time to celebrate the journey you’ve embarked upon together.