Anniversary Gifts Theme By Year (Part II)

Anniversary Gifts Theme

Now that we know that anniversary themes are a thing for every year, it’s easier to figure out the gifts and the party ideas. Naturally, the first ten years of marriage often receive more attention. Although the years that follow deserve just as much recognition and thoughtfulness. To keep nourishing your relationship through the years, consider traditionally celebrating your marriage anniversary. On that note, here are the anniversary themes from the 11th to 20th-year milestones. Because we know you know the first ten already! Remember, this gift-giving can help you celebrate your enduring love and growth as a couple.

11th Anniversary: Steel

The 11th anniversary is associated with steel, a strong and durable material. It symbolizes the strength and solidity of your marriage. Also, it is the strongest metal in existence, just like your bond. Traditional gifts for the occasion can be personalized steel jewelry, steel sculptures, or a steel kitchen gadget.

Steel Anniversary

12th Anniversary: Silk

A dozen years of marriage are represented by silk and linen as they are both delicate and luxurious fabrics. Besides being comfortable, the materials bring opulence and luxury to your place. Gifts like silk clothing and linen bedding can be a great choice to mark this special occasion. 


13th Anniversary: Lace

As we know, lace is a fine, delicate beauty with intricate patterns. Which is why it is perfect for being a 13th-anniversary theme. These many years of togetherness are delicate but lovely like lace. For gifts, you can consider lace lingerie or clothing with lace work. Also, you can introduce some decorative lace items to your home. 


14th Anniversary: Ivory

With its timeless beauty, ivory symbolizes the purity and endurance of your love. However, being an animal item, the real ivory is ethically problematic. For the same reasons, traditional presents with a cruelty-free vibe came into consideration. This includes alternatives like ivory-colored jewelry, artwork, home decor, and more.


15th Anniversary: Crystal

By the time you spend 15 years together, your relationship has more clarity and sparkle, just like crystal. This is the exact theme of the milestone. Also, the light spectrum of crystal reflects the wide phases of your relationship. To honor the occasion, you can cheer up with crystal glassware, home decor, jewelry, or more.

Anniversary Gifts Theme

16th Anniversary: Wax

The sweet 16 years of your wedding anniversary is denoted by wax. Wax is hard at first glance but easily moldable into various shapes. Besides, it demonstrates the durability and flexibility of your love. To mark the occasion traditionally, you can go for a wax-sealed letter, fragrant candles, or a spa day with wax treatments.


17th Anniversary: Furniture

By the 17th year, you both probably have a family and a home together. Moreover, with this much time, you want to be comfy. That’s why, the theme for the event is furniture. You can show your enduring commitment with a cozy chair, a stylish coffee table, or a mini tea table for your garden for an outdoor treat. 


18th Anniversary: Porcelain

Porcelain is a ceramic metal made by melting clay at extremely high temperatures. It suggests that the beautiful pieces come from humble beginnings and walking through heat. Gifts can include porcelain dinnerware, or a decorative porcelain figurine, or perhaps, you can even take a ceramics class together to indulge in a creative activity.


19th Anniversary: Bronze

While writing the 19th year of your journey together, you enter the bronze age. The metal denotes strength and longevity which your relationship has sustained so far. Also, your lives have been interlinked more strongly than ever before. You can mark the milestone with bronze home decor, jewelry, sculpture, and other similar stuff.


20th Anniversary: China

Congratulations! You have made it to the double decade with your commitment and efforts. This massive celebration is elegant and beautiful. It is graced by China, representing the beautiful yet delicate nature of your relationship. You can exchange gifts and update your kitchenware with fine China crockery or dishes.


The two decades is a significant period of your growth as a couple. You both share love, fights, and family. Celebrating these years with traditional themes can add depth and meaning to your celebration. Regardless, you can always personalize it and make it more meaningful for your partner. Because love always requires constant nourishment.