How To Avoid Getting Into Fights With Your Siblings
How To Avoid Getting Into Fights With Your Siblings

Remember, like our parents have told us every time that it is us who are responsible for the actions we do, it is our lips for the things we speak. Likewise, it is we who are responsible for maintaining good and healthy relationships with others. The relationship could be with our parents, siblings, or friends. However, when we specifically talk about siblings, maintaining a perfect loving relationship is a myth. Yes, you cannot share a lovey-dovey relationship with your sibling, and even if you do, are you even siblings?

Well, all tend to share a love-hate relationship with our siblings, and that is the best definition for the sibling relationship, right? Yes, right! Well, this can be well illustrated by us finding 101 ways of killing our siblings to look for the best rakhi gifts for them when Raksha Bandhan is around the corner. Aren’t we strange? Yes, that is how we can give justice to this cute yet fun-filled relationship. So, generally, fighting with your sibling is much more normal than not fighting with them at all. However, fighting with them all the time could even lend you a severe problem. If you have happened to generate this fighting issue with your sibling, then, here are ways you can stop fighting with them. So, let’s check out some of these and try to make peace with your sibling. 

  • Be a peaceful sibling:

If your younger or the elder sibling is the one with a bad temperament, then you can be the one with more of a peaceful sibling. Not only will your parents adore you for that, but also, your sibling may find it difficult to offend you and say that you could start a fight. You can be more peaceful by not getting offended by everything they do. This will also help your sibling to understand that they are lucky to find a peaceful sibling like you.

  • Following basics laws and rules:

There are always some sets of rules and protocols that you have given to your sibling and have received from them at the same time, right? If you tend to follow all these guidelines, you will observe your sibling become more casual about yours. I am sure these kinds of relationships are the easiest to maintain where you and your sibling don’t break any protocol. Your parents would also be happier to see you having such a perfect bonding with your sibling. 

  • Respecting your sibling:

Be it any kind of fight; your sibling must know that you love and respect them a lot. By respecting, I am not asking you to stop fighting with them; rather, just mark the limit with you, and your sibling should not cross. I bet no fight will last longer if you both have mutual respect for each other. 

  • Be the best secret keepers:

See, no matter how bad a fight you may get into with your sibling, do NOT ever leak out your sibling’s secrets to your parents. Yes, that’s a sin and could bring a gap in our relationship with your sibling. That’s probably one sort of respect that you should maintain with your sibling.

  • By supporting each other:

Well, fights and arguments are on one side and having each other’s back on one side. The main mantra of forming strong and well-built relationships with your sibling is by supporting them at times nobody else is going to. 

  • Drop the argument:

If you happen to notice that you and your sibling might end up having a bad argument on any random discussion, then it would be better, you drop the argument right there. By doing this, you can save many plans from getting canceled. Do be wise and drop the heated arguments in the chilled oceans. 

So, bring all the hate and love in your relationship with your sibling and make your relationship a lot more cherishable. If you reside in different cities, you can still make Raksha Bandhan special for them as you can send rakhi to them along with a heart-touching gift.