List Of Cake Flavours To Attack The Minute Lockdown Is Lifted!
List Of Cake Flavours To Attack The Minute Lockdown Is Lifted!

Dreaming about your favourite cake all day long (and night too) and not being able to buy it can be really daunting. All that is trending in the world right now are the terms corona, quarantine, pandemic and social distancing. Amidst all this, who is actually concerned about cakes, right? Well, you should ask this question to a craver and you will be responsible for the tear of #nostalgia that they will shed. If you are one of them, you will understand that when cravings call, you have to answer them. People with their birthdays in this lockdown have celebrated their day without a cake at all, and that can be heartbreaking.

But don’t worry, hard times are almost over now. No i’m not saying corona will be out of the world soon, that is a bit of a long fight. I’m talking about not being able to see your favourite desserts. Lockdown in various parts is partially lifted giving way to shops and bakeries to open back. As soon as the online cake delivery from your favourite bakery resumes, you would want to attack the cakes right away.  Shortlisting cake flavours are so important to consider because you will be rushing to bakeries after so long, so you should get your hands on the ones that are a must try for the year 2020. Here is a list of cakes that you should try first because eventually you are going to have them all, right? 

Dark chocolate mud cake

First on the list is a dark chocolate mud cake. Mud cakes are really dense chocolate with light crumbs. This flavour is perfect to try for hardcore chocoholics. This choco sensation is going to be really popular this year and you definitely need to give it a try. 

Macaron cakes

It pains my heart a bit to say that macarons are not as popular anymore. This cute dessert was a trend till last year and was served as cupcakes. But the good news is that they are back and this time in a better way. For the people who love macarons, the trends say that macarons topped cakes are popular now and are here to stay. Lots of designs of this cake are floating in the market and macarons do enhance the tastes of a cake. 

Marble cake

marble cake that will be a trend of 2020 and definitely needs your attention. It is a pure treat for cake lovers because you will be amazed by the list of fillings that rests in this cake. We have chocolate buttercream, chocolate mousse, banana cream, cream cheese, hazelnut cream, mocha cream, strawberry mousse, chocolate fudge, peach whipped cream and bavarian cream. Did that just blow up your taste buds? 

Lemon cake

Last on the list is a lemon cake. Lemon is a popular flavour amongst people who like it all tangy. It is available in many food items and now in cakes as well. This flavour trends amongst useful and tasty trends. The cake layer can be altered to make amazing new combinations. The filling usually consists of lemon mousse and lemon custard that gives a bright colour to the cake and a fresh flavour to cake lovers. 

This is all with the list of must try cakes after the lockdown. Just be careful while you get the cake delivery because the virus is currently out there. So, order only from a trusted source.