How Flowers can help the World to Recover after a Long Fight from COVID-19?

How Flowers can help the World to Recover after a Long Fight from COVID-19?
How Flowers can help the World to Recover after a Long Fight from COVID-19?

    – “This too shall pass”

This is the hope that is feeding positivity to people’s hearts whilst they are locked in their house amidst the outbreak of coronavirus. Simplest of the simple tasks like getting ready to catch the school bus, running to the nearest grocery store to get the carton of milk whenever required or even a morning walk has become nothing less than a dream. Did you ever think that going out to meet your friends and family will become so deadly for you? I know, no one did, but China had some other plans. If it makes you feel any better, trust me sooner or later, this too shall pass. 

Right now, a normal life might seem like a distant dream but when all this is over, the world will need lots and lots of positivity to start afresh. After continuous hours of watching news bulletins and reading articles flooded with the pandemic virus, You need to look after your mental health as well. Now, that does not require a lot of strategies or anything, simple things like fresh flowers can bring home happiness. Yes, if nature can put you in a worrisome phobia Then it can bring back the ray of hope as well. Let me just clarify that corona is no way nature’s revenge, so let’s not believe demotivating stuff like this. 

Coming back to flowers, You can use these fresh blooms right now to stay happy when you are trapped at home if online flower delivery is available in your area. Or you can even wait for the quarantine period to end and then include flowers in your daily life to recover and heal. Fresh blooms have splendid remedying properties that can benefit humans in many ways. 

Bring on positivity

First of all, flowers like orchids and flaming swords attract positive vibes for you. Yes, even science has given a nod to the research that says the houses that have indoor plants tend to have better energy than those who didn’t have any plants. 

Best natural therapists

What is all that worry about when you have your natural therapist right there with you? Some flowers heal you physically as well like hibiscus, it cures your acne marks and signs of premature ageing. Other flowers like fresh lotus are perfect for natural facials. 

Flowers for rejuvenation

Fresh blooms are capable of refreshing and re-energising your brain and the body. They are known to improve your mental health and cure your mood swings. Researchers have proved that people who receive flowers have shown a high level of joy and fulfillment compared to the others. Isn’t this a good reason to send flowers to your loved ones to make them feel rejoiced after all this hard time? 

Bye bye insomnia

One research even claims that flower therapies can cure insomnia. Gerberas can prove to be more cozy and comforting for you on the sleepless nights. 

So, that is how fresh blooms will prove to be your happiness source after the quarantine ends. In my end note I would like to say that till then stay safe, stay home!