Hosting A Holi Bash? Here’s How To Set The Mood!

Hosting A Holi Bash? Here's How To Set The Mood!
Hosting A Holi Bash? Here's How To Set The Mood!

Holi — the most colorful festival bids adieu to winter and sets the stage for spring in full bloom. The festival marks the beginning of the season that brings love, restoration and new aura to our lives. It is probably the only day when we Indians happily get up early (even though it is a day off) in the morning to celebrate. Also, it is a time that calls for friends, parties and huge celebrations. Right? If you are among those thinking ideas for how to host the best Holi 2020 party, here we have collected ideas to make your celebrations doubly fun-filled: 

Set A Proper Budget

To decide on the budget is the foremost important thing before you finalize your venue and guest list. It is on you whether you wish to have a grand party and spend a fortune on it, or maybe you are on a limited budget and yet want to have fun frolic Holi with great food, drinks, and by all means, the company of your loved ones. Therefore, set a proper budget and prioritize the things you are looking forward to your Holi celebrations. Tip: Set a portion of your budget for a return gift for all your guests attending the party. Also, those who give it a miss, send Holi gifts online and rejoice the occasion! 

Send Out Invites

Since Holi is a fun festival, you can just make phone calls to all the invitees expected at your party. It would be a good idea to let them know about your party plans well in advance to avoid their last moment cancellations. Do remember to give a follow-up call to everyone or send them a WhatsApp message or an SMS just to make sure they are coming, and to gently remind them of your party timings. 

Dress Code for the Party – All White

A uniform dress in the Holi party will make your event more attractive. So choose a Holi theme for the party and request invitees to abide by the dress code. What’s the fun if you don’t smudge? Celebrate the day while looking at your snazzy-best! Ask your guests to doll up in white dresses along with a pair of comfortable slippers for the party. 

Get Ready to Tap the Feet on Holi Beats

Holi celebrations are incomplete without the typical Bollywood Holi songs that bring your spirits high! Get the playlist ready beforehand to play back to back fine tunes of Holi, making your moves to foot-tapping music and dancing. Keep a bit of variety in the playlist to make sure that every guest enjoys his/her favorite song. All the more, play those Holi numbers like Holi Ke Din Di Khil Jate Hain to Rang Barse Bhige Chunar Wali and Holi Khele Raghuveera Awadh Mein to Balam Pichkari. You can also arrange and play your own instruments like dhol to leave no stone unturned for that extra Holi fun. 

Finally, Some Delicious Food

What is a true Holi bash without some zesty food? After all that dancing and splashing of colors, everyone might be becoming exhausted. So include some savory, mouth-watering delights and drinks to revitalize the energy and get back to the celebrations. Integrate typical Holi delicacies such as gujiya, biryani, chole bhature, pav bhaji, paneer tikka, chaat, etc. that would make your guests drooling. Make sure to keep serving bhaang-laden thandai, mocktails, and soft drinks through the party. 

Jot down these tips to have a kickass Holi party with family and friends. We are pretty sure these will help you to have the perfect Holi party ever! 


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