Hilarious Reasons That Led To A Fight With Your Sibling In Childhood
Hilarious Reasons That Led To A Fight With Your Sibling In Childhood

Can you count how many times did you and your sibling fell into a fight? There is no count, right? Alright, let me ask you one last question, has there been a day when you and your sibling did not fight? Stop brainstorming yourself because there was not any day when you two did not fight. Things got worse in some situations, whereas, sometimes, vocal threats and curses were enough to end a fight. Thankfully, I never ended up in the hospital while fighting with my sibling; however, many of my friends have. The worst fights were when our parents had to intervene to stop the fight, right? It was like first fighting your sibling then getting a nation-wide lecture from your parents for fighting with your sibling. Even you could have heard taunts like, “you guys are the worst pair of siblings in the world” or “could you ever become friends with each other?” Little did she know that one day her children would really become friends. Since the festival, Raksha Bandhan, that commemorates the relationship of siblings, is approaching us right, we all are busy looking for the best rakhi gifts for your siblings, right? That’s an essential element of this festival; however, do share these facts with your sibling to share priceless laughter with them. So, let’s get going with the article now.

  • Food Fight:

Yes, the common of all fights among siblings is about the food. Even if you hate some dish, just because your sibling wants to have it, it will suddenly become your favorite too, right? We all can never get enough of fighting over food with our siblings. It is more pleasing to fight rather than eating the food we were fighting for. 

  • Zero Privacy:

If you have a sibling, forget about the definition and meaning of privacy. Yes, you ain’t getting any. If in case, any of your secrets slipped to your sibling, believe me, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore. These incidents were very common to find in childhood and had led to many quarrels with our siblings, right?

  • Forgetful Helper:

Why is it that your sibling would immediately forget all the assistance you have provided to them? Help them in a thousand situations, and they will never mention, however, turn down for a single one, and they will declare you the most unuseful person in the world. 

  • Prank Backfire:

If one of you plays a prank on the other, the other will make a come back with a hilarious prank. This revenge game goes in until one is beaten by the parents for making a big blunder. So, yes, pranks have been the most important factor for alleviating any quarrel between you and your siblings, right?

  • Sugar Spice:

It was during this lockdown that my brother attempted this prank on me. Believe me; it is sometimes difficult to believe that we have entered our adulthood now! My brother mixed spice powder in an Indian dessert dish named Gujiya and made me eat that unknowingly. I wouldn’t lie, I was crying till the evening. So, this is something every sibling has tried on one another.

So, this is the type of relationship every pair of siblings on this planet shares. So, do make your sibling remember these and walk down the memory lane together. Send rakhi to your sibling if he is celebrating a long-distance rakhi celebration with you! It will add the essence of your relationship.