Why & How Silver Anniversary Can Be Made Special?

Why & How Silver Anniversary Can Be Made Special?
Why & How Silver Anniversary Can Be Made Special?

A silver wedding anniversary is a significant milestone in every couple’s life. It marks the success of 25 years of their happy married life. When I call it a ‘success,’ it is because the couple has faced it all, be it worse and their best, they faced it all together. Standing tall by each other’s side and not leaving at any situation, and maybe that is what we call as ‘couple goals’ in Millenials language. Moreover, completing 25 years of life with someone through thin and thick is nothing less than an achievement. From enduring their tantrums, fights, laughter, and everything, if you don’t end up killing each other, then, it calls for an absolute celebration. Order cake online for your anniversary to make it even more special and romantic. 

You must be wondering why are we so exaggerating on this occasion? Because this day takes you back to the most important day of your life. It brings all those good memories, echoes of laughter, and all those blistering smiles. A wedding anniversary is always an overwhelming emotion, and when it is about your 25th anniversary or silver wedding anniversary, then the feelings and emotions are very different altogether. The care, love, and togetherness between the couple get stronger and stronger by each passing day and year. 

Also, the best part is that this occasion is celebrated the same way it was celebrated a few years ago at your wedding ceremony. It is marked with the presence of all your family members, relatives, and friends. Well here are some facts that you should know about silver wedding anniversary:

  • Did you know that not just the silver but also green garnet and Tsavorite (gemstones) are also associated with 25th wedding anniversary? Similarly, red rose and iris are two flowers that are linked with this occasion.
  • Silver is considered the best to be designated as a symbol for a 25th wedding anniversary. However, many people have no idea why silver is associated with this occasion (I was one of them until I decided to write this article). Well, this was adopted from  Holy Roman Europe. The husbands were supposed to give a silver wreath to their wives on the silver wedding anniversary.
  • Today, couples celebrate their wedding anniversary each year. However, the trend was quite the opposite until 1875. It was just the 25th and the 50th wedding anniversaries that were considered worth celebrating with great pomp and show. However, this generation has other ways of celebrating this occasion. Mostly, cake cutting is the center of the celebration of this day. Again, this fact is something that you might not be aware of. Have you ever thought why silver metal is linked with the silver wedding anniversary? It is because the silver metal is strong and durable, which is again a way to symbolize 25 healthy years of togetherness. The long-lasting nature of silver is analogous to the nature of the couple.  
  • Silver Star Rose, Sterling Silver Rose,  and Silver Jubilee Rose are not just some spices of roses but are linked with silver wedding anniversary.

So, yes, since we have discussed the lesser-known facts about this very occasion, it is time to put light on some gift ideas that could bring a difference altogether.

  • Silver Jewelry Box:

Personally, I feel that there is no better gift to be gifted than giving your wife a beautiful jewelry box. This will surely prove out to be an ideal 25th wedding anniversary gift for your wife. Every time she would open to take her precious pieces of jewelry from the box, she would instantly think of you. What else do you need more? 

  • Silver Jubilee Fondant Cake:

Don’t you think that a delicious and gorgeous fondant cake for your wedding anniversary would be like a jewel in the crown? Of course, it would be. The tempting cake would add sweetness to your happiness and celebration. Take your taste buds to a delightful journey, with the irresistible taste of the fondant cake of your favorite flavor. Get your anniversary online cake delivery by availing to an online portal and get a satisfying service.

  • Silver Photo frame:

No matter how cliche it might sound to you now, this gift idea never gets old. It has saved the lives of many people at the last moment. Also, this photo can easily connect to this gift since it carries some memories close to his/her, right? Share some best of the best pictures from the long journey of 25 years of your lives. Let your partner smile as bright as the sun, every time they see the frame hanging on the walls of your house.

So, the ideas shared with you altogether aims to make your silver wedding anniversary super special. It is another significant milestone after your wedding, so make it large and memorable so that you could share these memories on your golden wedding anniversary. Even if you are living miles away from your partner, you can send cake online and make them special from miles away.