Heartwarming Ways To Say “Love You Sis” On The Event Of Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi is approaching and so it is your deadline to lookout for rakhi gifts. Well, a rakhi gift is nothing but a mode of displaying love to your sister. What if you find other ways to show your sister how much you love and care for her? I have come up with heartwarming ways to say “love you sis” without actually saying it. 

Curate playlist of expressive songs

Are you familiar with a wide range of songs in different languages? Well, we live in a world where new albums are released every day. So, to keep a track of what’s trending, you must be someone who listens to music every now and then. Thankfully, with such a wide variety of songs, you can literally pick up a track to express anything you are feeling to anyone, without having to say it. There may be some songs on your mind already and the rest you can explore to find amazing tracks that are dedicated to sisters in your desired language. Fill these tracks in one playlist and share it with your sister on rakhi day. She will understand how much you love her as soon as she will check out the playlist. 

That ‘particular’ gift

Okay, this is a master weapon when you truly want to impress someone or show your love. For this idea to work, you have to find a particular item your sister has been looking for or saving for a long time. Well, there are always tons of things on our wishlist which we want to tick off someday. Just help her to strike off at least one item that would make her happy.  Take clues from her online shopping carts. What is so great about this idea, you may ask? Well, first of all you are buying a gift for her, and it’s a fact that everybody loves gifts. Secondly, it’s not just any rakhi gift that you picked on your way to the office, it’s something that she wanted to buy for a long time. 

Bake for her

Another way to show your love to your sister when it’s Raksha Bandhan is by baking something for her. Rakhi is considered incomplete without a sweet treat and so, this time, so this time, bake something sweet at home. Put in efforts and your will be displayed in your treat. It can be anything from a cake to cupcakes, donuts, brownies, or even cookies. Anything that you can handle will work. Get an easy recipe online if it’s the first time with baking and cooking stuff. Bak the dessert in advance as you may not want to get involved with flour and other things that get messy on this auspicious day when everyone (including you) is dolled up. 

Give her a looong hug

This one is for people who love their sister but are too lazy to show it or prove it. After the rakhi custom of tying thread and sharing sweet treats, you can actually give your sis a really long and comforting hug. Never underestimate the power of hugs, it can express thousands of feelings. You can use it too, as it is for free, ideal for all age groups, time and effort saving and still very effective. 

Be nice to her

As if I don’t know how siblings fight with each other, it can be worse than a bullfight, so, this rakhi day and I would say the coming days and forever, be nice to her. That’s all she wants. 

These are some ways to say “I love you sister” on the special occasion of rakhi.