Cute Little Things/Habits That Are Totally Adorable About Daddies!

He can be strict, he can be super lenient, he can be playful, he can be solemn – lots of different characteristics, one main lead – Dad! Daddies are like impersonators who change their roles from time to time according to the situation. This quality of him makes him a celebratory person. Well, thankfully 20th June is booked for this celebration ‘father’s day’. 

Order father’s day gift for him because I’m going to share some habits of all dads that are totally adorable. 

His carefree attitude

If you were asked a question, who amongst your parents has a more carefree attitude? A high percentage will say ]daddies because its true. Daddies are the more playful and carefree creatures as compared to moms. They have this calm, let it go attitude towards everything. They don’t even mind a little carelessness of other people in the family. They are okay with throwing you up in the air or swinging you around with just your arms. They are free with their actions,  with caution parked at the bay and that is what makes them playful. They like the road rough and that’s why, for a scraped knee, to him, is a lesson.  

Can fall asleep anywhere

Have you ever watched your daddy sleep? He will look like a cute little baby. Well, you don’t have to wait for long to catch him in his sleep because daddies are ready to sleep anywhere, at any time. They don’t mind a little nap on the sofa, or chair, public transport, doctor’s waiting room, your parents teacher meeting, in the middle of a conversation with all your relatives sitting around. He dozes off literally in mini seconds with high frequency snoring which makes you embarrassed. But that’s your daddy and these mini naps are what helps him to be so energetic to play with you all day. 

Moves around like a turtle

In most houses, I have observed that daddies are silent creatures who move around in the house just like an old turtle, soulless, just observing everything. Moms are generally chirpy and you get to know their presence because of the shouting but daddies, maintain silence while visiting other rooms. For this silent turtle, get the most remarkable father’s day gift. 

Buys everything in excess

I don’t know why, but daddies are always preparing for a war-like situation. Most daddies have this habit of buying all stuff in bulk. Whether it’s fruits, vegetables, groceries, medicines, literally anything. If you are headed out with your dad or asked him to stop by to get something for you, expect other unwanted items in the bag because who knows we enter into a lockdown, or a blackout but that’s what is cute about him too because you get excess of everything including your snacks, ice cream, and everything mommies skip during grocery shopping. So, dads rock!

Teach false facts with confidence

Okay, this is a confession, I don’t know if this has happened to you or not, but my dad has this habit of teaching me all the wrong facts that he himself is not very sure of, and I go on to share them in public only to have people laugh at me. But I still find it cute because daddies want their kids to think that my dad knows everything. 

These are some cute little things that make daddies so adorable.