Evident Signs That Prove You Have The Coolest Mom In The World
Evident Signs That Prove You Have The Coolest Mom In The World

Sometimes it’s hard to read your mother’s personality, right? Sometimes she is cool with all your nuisance and the other times she gets pissed off even on the slightest things. No, she is not moody, in fact Mommies are a combination of sweet and sour. She has a tint of every personality and that’s what makes her a perfect candidate for being a mother. 

Everyone will agree that besides all the shades of person she is in every hour, every mom has a cool side. You just need to explore and bring it out. Don’t really know what type she is? Well, you observe her every day, you know her traits. I’m going to share some evident signs of a cool mom. You can match the traits, if they match, know that you have got the coolest mommy in the world and you definitely owe her a mother’s day gift. Let’s begin. 

A constant cheerleader

First of all, the very common trait that is found in most mommies and that actually makes her cool, its the fact that she is your constant cheerleader. She always stands by you no matter what happens in your life, knows how to wipe away your tears and make you smile. Not only smile, but cheer you up. She can pick you up and make you ready to get back to the world. I don’t know how, but she makes life appear easier, and the world appears a better place. Thank god for the constant cheerleader that she is. 

She is your wing women

Well, a cool mommy is always your wing woman. She is so cool that she picks out dates for you. Of Course she wants you to be safe, so she even scans the one you are going out with. But most importantly, set you up on dates, which maybe awkward for you but cool for her. You can even discuss your love life with her, thats how cool she is. Hey, dont start judging if she isnt cool with the dating stuff right now, maybe its not really your age, she will be cool when its your right age. 

You both hate the same

Ah! This point is an important one because you need to hate the same set of people to stand on the same page. If your mother hates the same relatives or family friends, then, know this my friend, your mom is as cool as you. The same traits about certain people repel her as you, this means you connect on the same intellectual. You can bitch about them to your mom and instead of getting offended, she adds more things. 

Keep up with your friends

Usually mommies don’t like our friends, maybe not all friends but she sure can recognise your fake friends before you do, which is actually a good thing. So, if your mom makes it a point that she gels up with your friends. And your friends like her too, or happy to be around her because she is fun, know that she is a really cool mom. 

Ready to gossip

When you have gossip stuck in your body and you want to rent it out, the only you always find it safe to share with is always your mom, she is cool. You definitely should buy her a mother’s day gift for being so cool. 

Combo of sarcasm and wisdom

If she can be sarcastic and wise at the same time, she is a cool mommy.

These are the signs that prove you have a “cool mom”.