09 Wacky & Funny Things That Every Couple Can Relate To
09 Wacky & Funny Things That Every Couple Can Relate To

Well, having found the one is a great great feeling, right? Yes, it definitely is. What else is a great feeling? It is undoubtedly spending time with them. The more time you spend with them, the more you get to know them. It’s like when you talk to your partner after a long rough day, all your tiredness just disappears into the thin air.

Now, talking about the honeymoon period, it has its own charm. The honeymoon period gets you all those butterflies in your belly which you never knew you had. However, when the honeymoon period gets over and it’s just you and your partner being together for a long time, this feeling is different altogether. Well, before hopping onto the article further, order flowers online for your sweetheart since you are really going to have a sudden rush of love for them. Here we have penned down a few wacky, weird and funny things that every couple can easily relate to. So, let’s get started now!

Hardest Challenge: What & Where To Eat?

I know, we all can relate to this right away. I mean, deciding what and where to eat your next meal with your partner is undoubtedly a head-scratcher task. We still don’t have the answers for it, but it surely is the most challenging decision a couple has to make.

You Do Discuss Your Poo:

Do you ever sit back and think, when and how did you get so comfortable with your partner to discuss your poo? The comfortable couples can definitely relate to this one here, right? 

Those Random Compliments:

When your honeymoon period gets over, you really keep on flattering each other everyday. However, it is those random compliments from your partner that brings a huge smile on your face and makes your day even better. 

You’re A Team:

No matter, how many times a day you two get into an argument, you would always back each other in front of others. I believe that’s what healthy couples do! Get online flower delivery for your sweetheart to thank him or her for always being your support.

Funny Nicknames:

You are thinking of all the funny nicknames you and your partner have assigned to each other, aren’t you? Yes, you are. Well, some of them are really cheesy and some of them are really funny that only you two can relate to it. 

You Can Be The Ugliest Self:

It was the start of your relationship when you two were conscious about your appearance and now, you two really can look like a homeless person in front of each other and still found each other funningly beautiful.

Dirty Inside Jokes:

Well, I have seen every couple has their own set of dirty inside jokes. You can talk dirty to each other without even a 3rd person knowing about it. Others might think of you two as crazy but you understand what your partner wants to say.

You Both Talk In The Same Way:

Gradually and eventually, you will pick each other’s mannerism and phrases. From the jokes to casual talks, you guys pick each other’s phrases quite fast. 

 You Can’t Stay Mad For Long:

Well, no matter how legit an argument you two might have, you just can’t stay mad from each other for long.

So, if you were able to relate to most of these points, believe me, your relationship is going pretty strong.