Distinct Signs To Prove That You Have A Great Girlfriend
Distinct Signs To Prove That You Have A Great Girlfriend

When you think about things that make you happy, and the first thought is of your girlfriend, well boy, it is a clear sign that you have met the greatest girl. Having a great girlfriend is like winning a jackpot, your life is set. 

Well, you know just like any phase in life, relationships too have their ups and downs, the road can be quite patchy and there is no magical way to avoid the bumps. But when you have an amazing person who holds your hand, the journey becomes worthwhile. when it comes down to analysing if you have a good, healthy relationship, it all depends on the people involved. Of Course if you love her you will surely feel she is the greatest, but sometimes a combination of some little things can make you realise that you are with the right person. 

Even though You don’t need to find signs whether she is good or not, you can feel it. In case you are someone who is guilty of missing signs until someone points them, here are some of them you can relate to and come to a conclusion. If you do realise, send flowers to acknowledge her. I completely agree that this list may seem too judgy, but if that helps you two come closer, I’m ready for the eye rolls. 

Respect your time with friends

Most of the fights in a relationship originate because of the lack of space. In some cases, one of the two is too clingy to understand that you have other gfrineds too, have a life beyond this relationship and its is okay if you make plans with your friends and family. If this is not the problem with your current girl and she knows how to respect your time with your friends, consider it as a sign. 

Don’t barge in your ‘ME’ time

Another sign is also about the space and its is about the “me time”. Yes, it is a thing and everyone need some quality time for themselves. Some people find it hard to understand this concept and thus, fight with you for not calling them in your fre time. If your girl knows how to give you space and dont barge in when you are enjoying me time, its a sign. 

Doesn’t mind if you are too hairy/smelly

She loves you the way you are. Too smelly on some days, too hairy, tanned, fat, too thin, nothing matters to her because she accepts you and love you the way you are, again a sign. 

Makes you laugh

Okay, humour is very important in a relationship, it actually brings intimacy. Not everyone has a good humour or understands humour, but if your girl has the power to make you laugh anytime, then she is the one dude. 

Don’t get bothered about your past

We all have a past or done things that we are not proud of, if you have told her everything and it does not bother her now bring in between, catch the sign that she’s great. 

Can be your dude too

If the girl you are dating is cool enough to pull off the role of a pretty girlfriend and your dude at the same time, don’t ever let her go, this species is rare. 

Long term with her Feel good 

If the idea of a long term with her doesn’t scare you, in fact makes you happy, she is the one. Imagining the future with her or watching her in the future kind of gives you butterflies instead of scaring you, its a sign. 

Get along with your crazy fam

If you know you have a crazy fun family, and she gets along with them easily, keep her. 

These are some signs that prove you have the greatest girlfriend. If these signs match, order flowers online because you have to keep her in any way.