Creating moments can be a good option too!

Creating moments can be a good option too!
Creating moments can be a good option too!

How can one make a simple ordinary day, a memorable one!

I just express my feelings by giving one reply/answer on Quora. He said “what is going to be the most memorable gift” – He wants to give to his love!

I simply reply, Gift her a fresh Bunches of flowers or well-decorated Flowers Bouquet. If you think this not going to be the best thing, then I must explain, why said so?


Girls always like special moments, if you like someone and don’t have enough money to buy expensive gifts, then you can try to make it special through creating moments out of the things within your control. As gifts are just substituted, so we must try to make a day special through small things instead of gifting expensive items. Spending quality time is what girls want according to me, so for some days we can try this way, and for rest occasions or days like Birthday, Valentine prefers her favorite flavor heart cakes to express your feelings.


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