Best Ways to Become the Real Secret Santa of Someone’s Life

Best Ways to Become the Real Secret Santa of Someone’s Life
Best Ways to Become the Real Secret Santa of Someone’s Life

What is the message you want to send on Christmas?

Is it a gift for your kid, best friend, or someone special? 

Should there be laughter or happy tears?

Is it something they wish for or something they fear? 

A Christmas gift may be so many things,

What’s important is the joy that it brings.

When all the right words are found,

The rhyme will come to Santa, safe, and sound.

Yes, the year 2019 comes again with a chance to sing the song “Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way.” It’s one of the beautiful celebrations of the cozy winter season, which is celebrated by all with great zeal. It’s an auspicious festival having the meaning is “Feast day of Christ,” and this day refers to the birth of Jesus. Therefore, the 25th day of December marked as Christmas Day. On the birthday of God’s son, people all over the world celebrate this day by exchanging Christmas gifts to show their happiness. It’s that time of the year when you can erase all barriers from your relationships with your loved ones and build a strong relationship ahead with the help of some lovely gifts. Becoming the real secret Santa of someone’s life is the best way to make anyone smile whom you love. The unique thing about a Secret Santa gift exchange is getting someone’s name who you don’t know very well. Then you have to ask everyone to see what they like, what they desire, and hoping that something will come to you. Isn’t it a fun-loving way, right? But if you’re still fighting to find the perfect gift at Christmas, then you must have with us. In this blog, we are sharing some lovely ways that how can you be a secret Santa.

Drop the Gifts at Needy’s Doorstep

 Just imagine, when someone finds a surprise gift on their doorstep, what will be their reaction at that time? It will be immense and limitless for sure! So, it is one of the best ideas that you can do this Christmas by delivering online Christmas gifts on the doorstep of your distant loved ones.

E-Daan (E-Donation)

Giving is the best way to earn good blessings from the people you donate for. There are many old-age homes, orphanages, and NGOs where you can give some amount of donations so that those needy people can enjoy Christmas moments the same as you. The happy and smiley face of them will make your Christmas memorable one, and they will remember you as their secret Santa for a lifetime.

Plan a Surprise Xmas Party

Organize a surprising Christmas party for little kids and play the role of Santa in it. Arrange some fun-loving activities or games for children, and then distribute some lovely gifts amongst them. Nothing is better than to bring a million-dollar smile on the face of little champs. In this way, you not only make the children happier but also make others happier too.

Turn Someone’s Dream Into Reality

 It may be your loved one or someone special who must be waiting or planning for something to have. In that, you can be a secret Santa and make their dream come true by gifting that thing he/she wishes to buy themselves. This sweet gesture will surely win their hearts and let them know how you admire them in your life.

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year for everyone, more so, for the children. It is fun, laughter, and festive time that has a strangely magical touch to it. The gifts, carols, the Xmas tree decorations, and the loving Santa Claus – all add the magic. So, these are some lovely ways to become the real secret Santa of someone’s life you must try on this Christmas 2019.


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