Best New Year Eve Dinner Ideas To Bid Goodbye To 2020 On A Yummy Note
Best New Year Eve Dinner Ideas To Bid Goodbye To 2020 On A Yummy Note

The year of 2020 has not been an ordinary one, It has been a very bumpy ride. Many entangled things that we could have never even imagined in our wildest dream, happened in a single year. Starting from the pandemic, lockdowns, shutting down of small business, unemployment, tragic deaths of some very important people, and whatnot. With all this happening around the globe, the only ray of joy are the little celebrations, which of course are not the same, but enough to keep going and hope for better days. 

Ah! ‘Hope for the better days’, that reminds me that this weird year is soon going to be over and we are soon going to somersault into 2021. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the next year as if all the problems are going to disappear right on the first new year day, right? Well, I can not comment on that, but think of it as a new year –  another perfect excuse to celebrate with your loved ones, another excuse to buy a new year cake and treat yourself and your friends & family with a ravishing dinner to mark the last eve of this tumultuous year with happy eating. And by happy eating i mean, a few light appetizers, delicious side dishes, tasty main course and some cocktails to raise the toast for 2021. Take the perfect yummy ride to enter the new year with amazing dinner ideas because I’m here to help you decide what to make out of hundred of favorite dishes. 


Herby Cheese Balls

When having friends over your place for the new year, you may like to start with appetizers. For the appetizers, we have here cheese balls. This is a recipe loved by all irrespective of the age group. I believe that appetizers cannot be counted as complete without presenting these crowd pleasing snacks. Loaded with cream cheese which melts into the mouth, its sure going to get you praises. The one i’m talking about is a bit different as it is supposed to be covered with nuts on all sides and filled with herbs. It is my teeny tiny attempt to make it healthier and of course crunchy for you. 

Mushroom Duplex

Nest comes another appetizer for the evening. It’s also a people’s favorite snack that is light and cheesy in the right amount. I’m talking about mushroom duplex, I’m sure many of you have tried this snack. If not, this time treat yourself with one. If your people love mushrooms, then this will be the star recipe. Also, it is tasty and light enough to pop in with a few drinks. You can either have one appetizer or make both if you can to fill in the table. 


Pomegranate French Sip

For cocktails, I have nominated a pomegranate french sip. This drink is a perfect combination of pomegranate molasses, sparkling wine and cointreau. The blend is pretty enjoyable and i can say it is a deciduous replacement for the classic glass of champagne.  


Lemon Herb Chicken

Any chicken lover reading this piece? Well, this new year eve, you can serve your guests with a cirtusy treat – lemon herb chicken. A perfectly roasted lemon and thyme seasoned chicken will be a great opener for your dinner. Pick this dish along with some other options mentioned below. 

Biryani With Gravy

Make space on your dinner table because next on the list is a desi dish that is going to take a lot of space on the table as well as in your tummy. I am talking about the ‘classic hyderabadi biryani’. I’m sure you are going to start the new year happy and full. Serve it with gravy or curd as per the demand. 


Donut Coconut Bundt Cake

Ask your friends to save some room for desserts as well. Here we have the option of donut coconut bundt cake. In case of desserts, you can order new year cake or make one on your own. For options, you have this delectable recipe or try tarts, puddings and truffles etc. 

The year has been a harsh one, so bid goodbye to 2020 by eating comfort food and sharing joy with people you love.