7 Lies You Were Fed Upon By Your Sibling When You Were A Child
7 Lies You Were Fed Upon By Your Sibling When You Were A Child

Dealing with siblings and cousins has never been an easy task. Clothes, love, attention, accessories, even your favorite toys, you have to share everything with them. Childhood with siblings and cousins is one crazy ride that one can ever get to ride. From all the silly fights to all the lies, everything with siblings is much crazier and funnier, right? This Raksha Bandhan not just surprises them with rakhi gifts but also shares the lies they have told you as a kid, and you believed them all. Here is a list of lies that will burst you and your sibling into laughter and giggles, so let’s check them out!

  • Swallowing chewing gum stays for 7 years in the stomach:

Yes, every time you had chewing gum, your sibling would scare you off by telling stories about how their friend got their stomach operated on for mistakenly swallowing a chewing gum, right?

  • The cat just talked:

Every time you leave the room, your sibling would tell you how the cat talked to them in your absence, right? They would lie to you till you are forced to believe them. Do you ever feel how stupid you were to believe them? Yes, you do, but deep down, you believe your sibling was a pro liar, right?

  • Dad & Mom can read the minds:

How many times have you been trapped by them and were fooled to tell your parents the truth which you have been hiding? Yes, they would tell you that mom and dad can read your mind, so it would be better if you tell the truth to them on your own. So, the broken glass which you were hiding was now in your parents’ custody because of your sibling. 

  • Swallowing seeds would grow into a tree:

Did they not scare you that you will have a grown-up orange tree in your belly for accidentally swallowing an orange tree? Yes, they did. I swear, the next few days of swallowing the seeds were the scariest, and the slightest of the stomach ache would frighten me. 

  • You missed the school bus:

Remember all those scary mornings when you woke up to sweat because your sibling screamed, “you just missed your school bus” in your ear? Yes, that is the most irritating way to wake up anyone. How badly you wanted to kill them after realizing that your sibling just pulled a prank on you. 

  • Money for teeth:

We all have put our teeth beneath our pillows or, might have buried in the ground as our sibling told us that we would get a penny for a tooth. Yes, I believed that I would have 32 coins in my piggy bank. Luckily, I did not!

  • The abductor in the street:

Well, there was always a strange man in your street that your sibling would turn him into a kidnapper or abductor. Our siblings knew how to get their work done by scaring us off by his name. 

Don’t you find these lies extremely hilarious now that you and your sibling have grown up? Yes, these are indeed funny. Send rakhi to your sibling to remind them that you have had a great childhood and give them credit for that, though.