5 Interesting Facts About Chocolates That Will Amaze You!


Do you often get nightmares of running out of chocolates? Because, same!

We all love chocolates, and once we start on a bar, it merely becomes impossible to stop until the bar is gone, agreed? And we have all the reasons to crave this brown treat because let’s be honest, it tastes amazing, it smells delicious and how can I not mention the feeling when it melts on our tongue. Oh, I smell chocolate. I think my cake delivery is on its way.

But did you know that chocolate is much more than just being delicious? Yes, there are some mind-boggling facts about chocolate that you probably never heard of. Time to brush up some chocolaty knowledge. ’Let’s see how much you know about this sweet treat which you claim to be your true love.

Chocolate is a Vegetable (kind of)

I know that just glazed up your eyes. Yes, practically chocolate is actually a vegetable as It comes from cocoa beans and these beans grow on a cocoa tree. That makes the main component of chocolate, a vegetable. So, next time your mom asks you what you want to eat for dinner, tell her to prepare your newly found veggie.

River of Chocolate

Who all amongst you would like to take a dip in a chocolate river? Because there exists one. Yes, you read that right. The river, shown in the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” was made up of actual chocolate. It was a mixture of 15,000 gallons of water, real chocolate, and cream. But because it contained cream, the river started smelling foul by the end of the shooting.

Chocolaty Currency

Imagine if your currency was made up of chocolate? Would you have ever spent it? Instead, it would have saved a lot of money that you pay on that chocolate cake delivery, time and again. But seriously, in Mayan time, the cocoa beans were used as currency as is was considered more precious than gold dust. Wanna go back in time?

Is White Chocolate Really Chocolate?

If you think white chocolate is actually chocolate, think again. Not kidding, like milk chocolate or dark chocolate, white chocolate does not contain cocoa solids or chocolate liquor. Instead, it contains cocoa butter, which fails to be in the criteria of being chocolate. Feel cheated, right?

Origin of Chocolate Bar

Yes, we all have been munching on those chocolate bars ever since our birth, but ever wondered how the world would have been without them. Chocolate was not always in the bar form; it was Cadbury who made the first chocolate bar back in 1872, in England. Thank You Cadbury for making our childhood worth enjoying.

These were some interesting facts that revolve around your favorite treat, don’t these facts make you love chocolates even more?


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