5 Advice To Keep Your Long-distance Relationship Go Smooth

5 Advice To Keep Your Long-distance Relationship Go Smooth
5 Advice To Keep Your Long-distance Relationship Go Smooth

What do you think of the idea of being in a long-distance relationship? Would you consider being in one? When it comes to long-distance relationships, we generally have this premonition that they never work. It is like you and your partner living miles apart, with distance and lots of trust issues between both of you. This thought makes us feel that the long-distance relationship can be scary, but it is not. If you truly love someone, distance no longer remains a drawback. Yes, it can be tough at times, but love and patience eventually conquer all. No one willingly asks for a long-distance relationship, but if you happen to be in one, then you might have to make some extra efforts to keep it going smoothly.

 The following are some pro tips that can help you with the same.    

Arrange a facetime night

You know video calls come really handy when you are missing one person and cannot be with them instantly. Seeing them in version through a video can actually make you feel better. Although I understand that it cannot be compared with the comfort of having them by your side, video calls are much better than normal calls and texts because you get you actually see them live, and visuals always work better. So, arrange for video call nights. I know you can video call them at any time of the day, so why arranging a night specifically? Well, when you decide up a particular time for your call, just like a meeting, you both will be excited and will have something to look forward to. 

Some floral surprises

Flowers can instantly make anyone feel better, and it is a fact. When your partner is feeling low for the obvious reasons, you can cheer them up with a single step. Send flowers online to their doorstep and make them feel your presence. This is a very good way to show that no matter how much the geographical distance prevails between you two, you can always reach them in no time. Your simple flower delivery can reassure them that they lie within your reach in case they are stuck in any problem, and they don’t need to look up to someone else. This reassurance can build your relationship much stronger. 

Unexpected treats

You know that treats are always extra love that you can shower on your lover. A small treat every now and then gives them a tonic of your love and keeps them going. If your partner happens to have a sweet tooth, you are lucky because such people are really easy to please. Stuff their mouth with their favorite chocolate or go for online cake delivery and send their favorite cake. Whatever you are planning to send, just make sure you do it secretly. 

Social media flaunts

These millennials are hard to please, I tell you. With these social media apps gathering more popularity day by day, you should too keep yourself posted about the new trends. Keep posting good and cute pictures of you and your partner. Flaunt them and prove to them that you feel blessed to have them not just in private but in public also. Lovely captions describing them and your relationship would be a good idea. Although it may sound cliche and cheesy to some, but trust me, your partner is expecting something like this from you. Also, this can help you build on the trust because you’ll be showcasing the world that you are committed to someone. 

Virtual date nights

No, I did not mistakenly put this advice in the list. When I say date nights together, I really mean it. How is it possible while you live miles apart from their place? Well, you know what they say, “ where there is a will, there is a way.” If you really want a date, only you can make it happen even when living apart. For that read the point again, I said virtual date night. What you can do is organize a date over a skype call, cook the same kind of food on both the ends of the call, light some candles in your room for the romantic effect. Pour a glass of champagne and talk the night away. If you do it with your whole heart and let yourself get involved fully, then this date can overshadow a regular date. Ever thought that technology would be saving your relationship this way? 

Hope these tips will help you to keep your long-distance relationship on track till the time you two reunite. 


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