10 Summer No-Bake Delight For All Dessert Lovers

10 Summer No-Bake Delight For All Dessert Lovers
10 Summer No-Bake Delight For All Dessert Lovers

Summers are here! Our bodies have already started asking us for lower AC temperature, and taste buds have been demanding for summer delights, right? No matter how much you hate summers, you still have a reason to love them. What is that? Yes, all the delicious delicacies that we treat our taste buds with. There are many tasteful delights that can make summers much more delightful for us. Then there are many occasions that we celebrate in the summer season, which are then followed by many taste-buds exciting delicacies, such as rakhi cake followed by various Diwali sweets for Diwali. However, there are many other coolants other than these, which make summers much more delightful and soul-satisfying. We know that entering the kitchen in summers feels like nothing less than a nightmare, right? Yes, it does! So, here we bring you ten treats that can be prepared without standing in front of your microwave or gas stoke. Let’s make summers more chill with chilly treats.

  • No-Bake Mango Cheesecake:

This cake needs no baling whatsoever. Truly made with the rich mango flavor, which makes it perfect for summers. Hop onto your favorite mango flavored cake and give your taste buds more than just mangoes. 

  • Fruit-Ice Creams:

Yes, you heard it right. Ice creams! Ice creams are the soul and heart of the summers. We all can never say no to ice creams even in winters, right? So, how about clubbing up your favorite ice cream flavors with your favorite fruits? Sounds perfect, right? Also, this is easy to make summer delight, which helps in heating out. Get your favorite fruit and juice them out. Mix the juice with milk and wait till it freezes in the freezer. Pour the ice cream in the cone, and enjoy every bite of your ice cream scoop. 

  • Lemonade:

We all should be very grateful for this coolant. It just helps us find chills in the oppressive summer days. Also, it helps us keep hydrated in summers. What else could be the simplest yet refreshing? All it requires is some lemons, sugar, salt, soda (if you like the taste), and mint leaves. You can grab this coolant twice thrice a day.  

  • Salted Caramel Banana Pudding:

Now, heat out yourself with very healthy bananas. Also, caramel can make anything and everything delicious. This summer, couple bananas, and caramel together and come up with this delicious salted caramel banana pudding. 

  • No-Bake Chocolate Cake:

Chocolate cake is a one-stop solution for everything. For celebration, sorrows, or even mood swings, chocolate cakes can uplift your mood anytime without fail. Also, chocolate can greatly help you in helping you fight the heat. So, stop watering your mouth, and better make this no-bake chocolate cake and turn your summers into a healthy and crazy one. 

  • Summer Shakes:

Who does not love sipping thick and chilled shakes during a hot summer afternoon? We all do, right? Now make coffee, fruit, milk, or chocolate shake, and don’t forget to add dry fruits as the toppings. Keep yourself cool and calm with this summer shake. Add taste and health at the same time in your favorite mug. 

  • Lassi:

This is one popular and most loved coolant of people. Summers are really made bearable with lassi, and it also tastes great. Also, you can make your lassi interesting by topping it with salt, sugar,m chocolate syrup, or even with flavor fruits. 

  • No-Bake Oreo Cake:

When summers get on our nerves and leave us all irritable and annoyed, we can surely rely on oreo biscuits to uplift your mood. The best part is it only requires a few ingredients. It’s smooth and silky texture will amaze you, whereas the crunches of oreo biscuits will excite you. This one is totally a perfect summer delight for you. 

  • Sundae:

Why burn your fingers with expensive sundaes in ice cream parlors when you can make one for you at home? Yes, making sundae is simply a cakewalk. Just add 3 to 4 different flavored scoops of ice creams in a big bowl, add different flavored syrups to it, and some dry fruits as per your taste.  

  • Ice cream sandwich:

This one is my all-time favorite dessert for summers. Take your favorite biscuits and replace its cream with the scoop of your favorite ice-cream. There you go with a small pack of happiness. 

So, give yourself a delightful experience of taste in summers. You can also order cake online if you do not wish to bake a cake. Make summers really cozy for you this time with these delicacies. 


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