08 Things To Do On A Long Weekend

Well, not everyone wants to hear the magical words “I LOVE YOU.” Some of us really want to hear “Here comes the long weekend” and I believe these 5 words do have actual magical powers. Even the dullest of the dull souls feel excited and amazed when a long weekend approaches. Such is the charm of it. From getting online cake delivery to treating yourself right to vibing on your favorite songs as much as you want without being late to work, there are a number of things that you can do on a long weekend. Let’s hop into the article to know more!

Rest A Lot:

I personally utilise such long weekends to rest properly. I mean, that’s the least our bodies deserve, right? Throw yourself on your comfy bed with your cozy pyjamas on and rest till your body feels all refreshed and back on track.


So, when you are all resting your soul, do not let laziness sweep in. Make sure to work out a little to keep yourself fresh and also to maintain the minimal fitness requirement for your body. I know, working out seems like nothing less than punishment on the weekend right? I have got a solution for you, order cake online or your favorite food, have it as much as you want, and then promise yourself to burn half of it by working out.

Do Your Laundry:

When you have a long weekend, do your laundry. Away from the hustle of the weekdays, a long weekend brings you a fair chance to wash your clothes, especially that pair of socks that you have hidden in your shoe rack.

Make Plans With Friends:

So, life’s been hard lately, right? You know who makes it easy again? Friends, right? A long weekend is an ideal time to be having a get together or a little trip somewhere with your best friends. So, move your lazy ass and meet your favorite souls to set yourself free. 

Spend Time With Family:

Just like it is important to meet your friends, it is equally important to spend some quality time with your family. By quality time, I do not mean having 2 meals with them, but taking out time to have real conversation or to go out for an outing with them as well. 

Read a Book:

Anything that is helpful for your growth and development, should be there on your to-do list for a long weekend. Yes, reading a book since reading a book is never a disadvantage but helps you in attaining knowledge helpful for you. 

Watch Movies:

Long weekend is the perfect time to binge watch your favorite movies or series that have been lying on your watch list. A movie marathon is the best way to have your own “ME Time.”

Go On A Shopping Spree:

Pamper yourself a little and take yourself out on a shopping spree and get whatever your heart wants and also, your pocket allows. Shopping is one of those activities that provides you with joy and happiness. 

So, enjoy your long weekend to the fullest and never let a dull moment crawl into.