06 Lessons That Everyone Should Learn From The Festival Of Dussehra

When talking about the most happening and popular festivities of India, Dussehra does rank among the top ones, right? Dussehra itself is a festival that glorifies the triumph of good over evil, dharma over adharma and truth over lies. Well, Dussehra is a popular festival as we already know but did you know that this festival is not just celebrated in India but also in Nepal, West Bengal and Pakistan with different rituals and names to celebrate the festivity. The festival is also known by the names, Vijayadashami or Durgotsav, as this day also commemorates the victory of Goddess Durga over Mahishasur. The literal meaning of the term “Dussehra” is derived from Sanskrit which means “removal of ten.” So, every year, when you celebrate this auspicious festivity, remind yourself of these important lessons that we learn from it.

Triumph of good over evil:

When you start believing that evil is powerful, never forget that in the end, it will always be the victory of good over evil no matter what 

Ignite the passion inside you:

The day of Dussehra marks the end of demons like Ravana, Meghnad and Kumbhakarna which symbolises that anyone can burn their vices such as anger, lust, identification, pride, greed, jealousy, injustice, cruelty and ego.

Truth & dharma is the winner:

When you are on the side of truth, believe me, the victory will be yours. Justice might be delayed but never failed. Rama stuck to the side of victory and never defeated anyone, thus it is the path of righteousness and dharma which will eventually lead to your victory. 

Don’t be egoistic:

The main loophole that eventually led to the defeat of Ravana is that he became so egoistic of his power and knowledge. His ego became superior to any reality. Despite being the wisest and learnt man of his time, he was reduced to a great fall and it was for his ego. Thus, never let your ego become the reason for your defeat. Be humble and modest. 

Never share your secrets:

Never share your secrets with anyone. No matter how close a friend is, sharing your vulnerable secrets with others might cost you a lot in one way or another. This is what exactly happened to Ravana. Ravana’s brother Vibhishan (a devotee of Rama) knew that Ravana could only be killed when attacked on his navel. He told Rama on the 10th day to strike an arrow on his navel and it was the ultimate defeat of Ravana in the battle with Rama. 

Never underestimate a common man:

No matter how established or power-vested you might be, never underestimate the power of a common man. Ravana used to believe that any common man or monkey, would be of no harm to him. So, while asking for a boon from Lord Brahma, he did not mention humans that could lead to his mortality. That is why Lord Vishnu took birth in the form of a human to kill Ravana. Thus, never underestimate anyone whom you consider less powerful to you and stay humble. 

So, these are basic yet very powerful lessons that everyone should get from the underlying message of this festivity.