My Perfect Surprise Guide For My Father’s Birthday

Well, a father needs no introduction, right? He is the pillar of a family, he is the support system that everyone needs and his guidance is the guarding light. A father is someone who is an unsung hero. Don’t you think every father needs to be appreciated and valued? So, when my father’s birthday approached, I decided to make his birthday a lot more special. From getting him personalised gifts to throwing a surprise party for him, everything I did, it surely made him feel overwhelmed. If you wish to make your father’s birthday as special as he is to you, follow my guide to make his day a day to remember forever. 

A father is someone who is usually very quiet and never speaks his heart out but believe me, he is the one who loves his family unconditionally. I personally kept on moving in ife facing all the problems and struggling, knowing my father would catch me if I fell. So, give him a tribute by making his birthday a day that he would cherish for the rest of his life. 

Take him out to his favorite destination:

Remember, when you were a kid, it was your father who used to take you out on your favorite outing sports or introduced you to fun and adventures. So, this time, take your father out to his favorite spot (believe me, every father has one) and take a stroll or a road trip with him or with your entire family. I took my father to his favorite lake in the city where we sat for hours and talked about infinite topics and believe me, that was the most quality time I got to spend with him.

Recreate special memories with him:

Well, you all must have seen this trend on social media making rounds lately, right? Pick a photograph or two of your childhood and try to recreate the same exact memory with your father. Adding siblings could be more fun. Arrange or the same look alike attire from the picture, have the same background if possible and do make sure to copy the same exact pose from the photograph. Not only will this act make you feel all nostalgic but it will also be a fun activity to do with your dad. 

A heart touching gift is all you need:

Fathers never show or express their emotions, right? They have mastered hiding their feelings. However, low-key we all know that even fathers get excited upon receiving gifts from their family. Yes, get a heart touching gift for your father on this birthday and we are pretty sure, it will make him feel extra special on his birthday. I myself got an online personalised gift delivery which was a mug, T-shirt, wall clock and a keychain having his pictures imprinted all over it. Believe me, my father found them way more amusing than he would have to any other regular gifts. 

Evening Surprise Party:

So, just when my father thought that the day had come to an end, we all surprised him at home with a surprise party. All his close friends, relatives, acquaintances were present at home already and a luscious cake was waiting for him on the centre table. It was the best part of the day because I saw my father’s eyes all lighten up, the look on his face, everything was as perfect as he is to me.

So, these were some small yet I believe some powerful gestures that made my father felt all special on his birthday.