Your Fundamental Guide To Wedding Flowers
Your Fundamental Guide To Wedding Flowers

Marriage is an intimate affair celebrated by a family. It may be grand or a low-key one, but marriage is marriage. An event that comes once in a lifetime for most couples, it is supposed to be a happy and cosy day for every family member. One of the most prominent features of any wedding, and especially a Hindu wedding, is flowers!

In Hindu weddings, flowers are used on a large scale, not only for decoration but also for a lot of rituals! Apart from bringing a range of color to the wedding, it holds an important place in the traditions and rituals right from the start of all the ceremonies. In this time of digitization, flowers online delivery has made it possible to use them on a very large scale at weddings!

The best things about using flowers as a part of the decoration are that they can be used in several ways and are highly customizable. The wedding planners choose a theme, mostly depending on your color of choice, and manage the decorations with a choice of flower that will best suit the entire setup! Let us see where else flowers are used in a Hindu wedding ceremony.

The Jai Mala

If you have been to any traditional Hindu wedding, you must have come across the Jai Mala ceremony for sure. In this ceremony, the bride and the groom exchange Jai Malas that is nothing but a garland made from various flowers. This ceremony indicates that the bride and groom have accepted each other and marks the start of their journey together. The predominant colors of the Jai Mala are white, red, and sometimes orange. Mostly, these garlands are made up of a blend of red roses and white mogra but can be customized depending on the decided color scheme.

The Mandap

The main marriage rituals mostly happen late at night under a structure consisting of four pillars with a canopy. This structure is called a mandap. This mandap is always decorated more than the actual location where the guests get together. While taking the Saath Phere, flower petals are showered on the bride and groom as a symbol of blessing. The major part of the decoration of mandaps is done by flowers, predominantly in a combination of white, red, and orange.

For Indian weddings, these three colors are considered special and sacred. Red color stands for bravery and purity. This is why the bride’s trousseau is mostly red with hints of other colors. The white color indicates luck and prosperity. This white color can be seen in a bride’s hair in the form of a gajra made of mogra, and sometimes, even the groom adorns a veil made from mogra. The orange color symbolizes the Sun, indicating brightness and positivity. For decoration, red roses, white mogra, and orange and yellow marigolds are heavily used.

Flowers always enhance the mood of a party when used in a limit. There are so many flowers that are used in a typical Indian wedding! Let us know about some of the other flowers used at Indian weddings and what they symbolize.


Better known as Rajnigandha in Hindi, these flowers are one of the most requested flowers during the wedding season. They smell great and look expensive, just like stars. Apart from fitting in any type of décor, they are also a symbol of all the pleasures and happiness of life.


The chrysanthemums are flowers that can easily be found in most Indian weddings, especially for decoration. They come in a range of colors that too at an affordable price range. Along with it looking so appealing in the background, it holds a lot of value as it signifies an optimistic and joyful life for the bride and groom together.


Hibiscus was never seen as a decoration at weddings. But recently, they have gained immense popularity and are being extensively used as décor. Hibiscus is very easily found in various colors. It is considered a holy flower and is used to worship the gods while doing pooja. Its use in decoration can also be considered sacred.


Sunflowers are a great décor idea if you want to add a pop of color in a classic white setting. This yellow-colored flower adds a lot of warmth and color to any plain setup. This paired with marigold, form a pretty backdrop for a Haldi ceremony. Sunflowers can also be used to decorate table settings.

With so much variety in flowers, the event management team can come up with so many combinations of flowers that will go together very well with each other. So, get ready to send flowers to Vizag so that any marriage taking place over there can live up to the standards as expected by the families of the bride and the groom.