Women’s Day Celebration Ideas To Commemorate The Women At Office

Women’s Day Celebration Ideas To Commemorate The Women At Office
Women’s Day Celebration Ideas To Commemorate The Women At Office

You know feminism is usually considered about making women strong, but actually, women are already strong. It is about appreciating their strength in the way it is. That is what women’s day is for. Celebrated on 8th march, the day that celebrates womanhood. Tell me honestly, how often do you appreciate the women and their efforts at your office? I already know the answer, don’t worry you have an opportunity to cover up by making women’s day special at your office. Here are ways to celebrate and commemorate women of your workplace. 

Decorate the building of the office

The first step of any celebration is the decoration. Decoration clearly states that you are celebrating something important, which requires the place to look good or lets say, picture ready. So, build up the excitement of the ladies of your office by decorating the building. You know how the women of your office are going to show that their office celebrated women’s day? It’s through the pictures. So, the office and the building should be decorated properly. You can choose the decoration according to the theme, which is celebrating women, and go for banners, and balloons. You don’t need to hire a decorator for the same, divide all employees in small teams and distribute the responsibilities.

Send Newsletter/Emails

Have you noticed that around particular festivals or events, special mailers start rolling in your mail account? It’s the best way to wish people on a large scale. You know how the sellers build excitement for any occasion? It’s by sending emails and newsletters to the customers. This is how you come to know about different events too, just in case you skip something. So, you can make a big deal about women’s day by sending newsletters and emails wishing the same. It is a big sign of gratitude that a company can do for its female staff. 

Fun activities

Another way to celebrate women’s day and make it more interesting is by planning some fun activities in the office premises. You can lend a few hours to your employees to do some recreational activities just for the sake of commemorating the female employees, right? So, pick some fun games like the musical chairs, spoon race, or ask everyone to put anonymous comments for each other. Anything that is possible in the office building, you will get tons of fun activities that will keep everyone engaged. Ask all the female employees to participate in these games, as this will only boost their confidence. Also, you know that fun activities are proven to improve the productivity of people. 

Treats and more

You remember how we used to distribute sweets in the whole school on our birthday? That is because we know that sweet treats add happiness and add to celebrations. So, the same can be implied in the office as well. I know that here we are talking about grown ups, but guess what, no one is too old to enjoy treats. The best way to add sweetness to any event is by adding something sweet to the occasion. You can either cut a cake or distribute chocolate to each one. 

Distribute gifts

Sweet treats are one option to celebrate women’s day, they can be replaced by women’s day gifts. Gifts are sure to impress the ladies of your office, 

Day off

It’s women’s day, c’mon you can give those women a day off. It is a matter of one day, and it will make them feel really special. Or if not a day off, atleast plan a team outing

These are some ways to celebrate women’s day at your office.