Why Is The Rose Considered A Symbol Of Love?

Why Is The Rose Considered A Symbol Of Love?
Why Is The Rose Considered A Symbol Of Love?

Valentine’s week begins on the seventh of February. The first day of this week is celebrated as a rose day. It is said that if you love someone, then send flowers to them; flowers help you express what you can’t say otherwise. So send roses online to your dearest one to mark a special beginning of valentine’s week. 

Now, before we tell you about the rose, let us quickly tell you about the popular days of valentine’s week. 

Valentine’s Week List 

  • Rose Day: 7th February 2020
  • Propose Day: 8th February 2020
  • Chocolate Day: 9th February 2020
  • Teddy Day: 10th February 2020
  • Promise Day: 11th February 2020
  • Hug Day: 12th February 2020
  • Kiss Day: 13th February 2020
  • Valentine’s Day: 14th February 2020

The practice of sending flowers to people is prevalent for centuries; in fact, flowers are beautiful, seductive, gentle, and fragrant. Are you also planning to get rose delivery in Goa for your loved ones this valentine’s week? If yes, scroll down and know why a rose is considered a symbol of love.

As soon as the name of rose comes, the idea of love and romance comes first. Amongst so many flowers, the rose as a ‘symbol of love’ is really special too. If you’re not able to go out and buy roses, you can easily opt for rose delivery in Goa. 

So before you Valentine’s Day flowers online to your loved ones, let us tell you why this flower is considered a symbol of love. 

Rose: A Symbol of Love

Love is a very beautiful feeling, which cannot be tied as beautifully in words as it wants, as it is beautiful. The way of expressing it has changed in today’s era. Gifts, chocolates, cakes, and red roses are commonly used to express love. This tradition is not from today but has been going on for ages.

Even today, people express their love by giving roses. But have you ever wondered why the rose is considered a symbol of love? Let us tell you why the rose is considered the symbol of love.

Know why the rose is known to be associated with love:

  • Generally, roses are liked by people of all ages. Girls especially love roses. That is why lovers often offer a bouquet of red roses to their beloved to express love. There are many types of species of roses. Usually, red grafted roses are used to make the bouquet.
  • Every color has its own importance in our culture. Just as white color is a symbol of peace, similarly, red color is considered a symbol of love. Therefore, people usually prefer red rose to express their love.
  • Flowers are also considered a symbol of opening up, so it is considered good to start with love or worship. Red-colored rose is also a symbol of love, considered auspicious in worship.
  • Even in fiction and films, roses are associated with love. For everyone, the idea of true love is when a lover presents the rose as a symbol of his love to the lover, so giving a rose in real life has become a custom.
  • The fragrance of rose flowers is very good, so people also offer roses as a symbol of romance to express love.

Throughout the year, lovers wait to celebrate Valentine’s Week. One day this week is also celebrated every day. Lovers and lovers give red roses to each other to express their love. Actually, because of this tradition, the rose is known to be associated with love.

In today’s Internet era, it has become very easy to send rose flowers to the person concerned to express love sitting at home. Just one click, and you’re done. This online facility has also led to a significant increase in the popularity of red roses.

Different Color Roses & Their Meaning

Red Rose

If you love someone with a sincere heart and want to make them realize this, then you can do this through the red rose. 

Pink Rose

If you want to thank a person for their friendship, then Pink Rose is the best for you. You can also give it to compliment someone’s beauty. 

Peach Rose

If you want to say thank you to someone or if you want to admire someone’s beauty, then you can give them a peach rose. 

White Rose

Giving white roses means that you are telling the person that you like to think about them. This color is also a symbol of peace and harmony, so you can give a rose of this color to apologize to someone.

So this is how the rose has been bringing the beautiful feeling of love from one heart to another silently for centuries. Although times have changed, roses are still quite popular as a symbol of love! You can easily get affordable online flower delivery in Indore. So stop wasting time and send roses online to your crush before it gets too late.