Uncontrollable Life Changes That Occur When You Enter The Motherhood Phase

Uncontrollable Life Changes That Occur When You Enter The Motherhood Phase
Uncontrollable Life Changes That Occur When You Enter The Motherhood Phase

Carrying an unborn and then pushing it out of your body is just a kick start to the beautiful yet adventurous phase of motherhood. Well, there are various ways in which becoming a mother can alter your life. It is not just your body that changes, but it is everything that happens in your life changes when you have a baby. This mother’s day, celebrate your motherhood because it’s just you who knows all the pains and smiles, right? Also, you can grab amazing mother’s day gifts for your mother and grandmother. This is to celebrate their motherhood as now you are in their boots, you know what it all takes to be a mother. So, let’s take a dig to all the things that uncontrollably change after your baby arrives in your life. 

You Become A Designated Laundryman:

If you are expecting a baby soon, I don’t mean to scare you but believe me, you would be spending most of your time with your washing machine. Buckle up yourself to whiff poop and vomit and then it’s the race against the time when you would be rushing to the washroom. It’s not just your baby’s clothes that would be waiting for you in that pile but it would be yours, your husband’s and everyone who got peed upon by your little devil. Later or sooner, you would be asking yourself, “Will the laundry ever end?”

Sleep: Well You Never Get Enough Of It:

I think all the mother’s out there have a huge heart or maybe they are really brave to intentionally decide to give up on their sleep. Well, having a baby is having a really sleeping pattern. Wait, wait, it is not just that you would be sacrificing, it also means that you would be doing the night walking, singing the lullabies to your baby, making food, cleaning poop and much more. Woah, the nights that are supposed to be peaceful turn into the most chaotic time of the day. For all the husbands reading this, get online mother’s day flowers for your wife because this ain’t easy for her already. 

You Won’t Get Any “Me Time”:

Now that you yourself are a mother, can you recollect all the times your mother complained for not getting any time for herself? Now you know all the frustrations and anger behind it, right? Just when you think you will get time for yourself, there comes an unforeseen for your baby that will snatch your “me” time. Moreover, if you have been that one person who has enjoyed alone time, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride for you. 

Your Baby Will Be Your Only Friend:

All the mothers could totally relate to this right now, right? The only friend you have is your baby. I mean, after having a baby, when there is no time for yourself, let alone gelling up with your friends. I know it’s sad but the good part is that you have a constant friend and that is your baby. It might get annoying, funny and a good listener, but that’s all you will be having. Also, slowly and steady, you will find yourself the most comfortable in your baby’s company.

So, these are some things that would inevitably get changed once you have a baby. It is something that you won’t like but you will love as it is  part of your motherhood. Get mother’s day cake for your friends, sister, mother or anyone who has entered this phase and is struggling hard to cope with the new changes as a cake would make her feel better.