Traits Of Mentally Strong Women – Are You One Of Them?

Traits Of Mentally Strong Women - Are You One Of Them?
Traits Of Mentally Strong Women - Are You One Of Them?

What makes a woman stronger? Well, if you try to analyse at some point, you will know there are so many aspects that women emerge to be stronger than we think they are. Not comparing them with men, but women do make as a tough creature in this world. I know women have been considered as a weaker section of the world, mentally as well as physically. But is it really true? Thank god we have at least started considering it as a question. 

This women’s day, you will find hundreds of women’s day gifts that celebrate the courage of a woman. Well, my gift for them is the appreciation and listing down the traits of a strong woman, so that everyone knows the capabilities of a mentally strong woman. 


You know what is the first and most noticeable trait of a strong personality? Its confidence. When a person is confident, it is reflected in their body language, loud and colour, the way they walk, the way they talk, their posture, the words they choose, their speech, everything shows the confidence level of a person. When you see a woman who is confident, she is a mentally strong person because you may not know this but confidence is a huge part of being strong headed. Confidence helps you in staying away from any sort of comparisons from any other creature and this makes your head stronger as you have time to focus on your growth. Confidence brings you peace as you are comfortable in your skin and a peaceful mind is always a strong mind. 

Optimistic/positive approach

We are always told that we should stay positive and optimistic, eight? Well it is not always possible to look on the positive side of things when everything is falling apart in life. Sometimes you will say the glass is half empty when you are expected to see it half filled. This is not the case with mentally strong women, they have trained themselves to stay optimistic all the time in life. This does not mean that these women do not go through ups and downs, they do, but they like to bring good vibes with them. So, even when they are down, they stay positive and focus on the bright side. This has a huge impact on their mood and this is what helps them to grow. 

Stand up for her beliefs

Me, you, everyone in this world has some beliefs that we learnt or developed with time. We all believe in certain things that others may or may not agree with. For example, some people like the concept of bribery, but others are totally against it. You may be judged for it but at the end it is up to you what you want to choose. So, a mentally strong woman always stands up for what she believes in and she is not afraid for it. If a strong headed woman believes something is wrong in their society, she will never stay quiet and will speak up. She can never watch someone get bullied especially when they’re not even at fault. Her brain will always signal her to take the necessary action. 


Next factor that the mentally strong women carry is courage. It can be the courage to stand up for herself, courage to stand out, courage to go against the flow and break the stereotype. 

Fear tackler

A strong headed woman will never shy away from fever, instead tackle it like a rock. That is where all their brain power is used. 

These are the noticeable traits of a mentally strong woman.