Totally Embarrassing Moments That Only Best Friends Share In Life
Totally Embarrassing Moments That Only Best Friends Share In Life

When you are around your best friend, it’s like you two belong to some other planet and have landed on earth just to have fun, because the activities that come out of you two are not relatable to humans. Yes, life is all about fun, being weird and laughing on literally anything when you are with that weird creature. I don’t usually say this out loud, because you know, BFFs are special and should be protected at all costs. There are very few people in this world who are eligible for this position because your vibe cannot match with every second person, right? You may be a friendly person with lots of friends but there are usually one or two friends who have read through your soul and know you from the inside out. 

You may send flowers to appreciate but along with it, let’s recall why they are the best in the first place? If you want to know how comfortable you are around someone, it’s always measured with the level of embarrassing moments that you are comfortable sharing with this person. Well, if you have a best friend who has good humor, then you will know how it feels laughing so hard that you pee a little. Isn’t it embarrassing? Well, your bladder loses control sometimes. Just like these, there are so many embarrassing things that only best friends have shared in love. I’m going to share a few of the relatable ones.  

Normalised over drinking and puking

Are you even best friends if you haven’t ever drank in excess and puked in front of each other? Well, I think that the stamp of vomit is mandatory to seal your friendship. Ewww, that was gross, but i think you understand what i’m trying to say here. Over drinking and puking are quite embarrassing moments and you can share it with your bff without any embarrassment. If you haven’t, well, share it once, you will see how comfortable you feel while they rub your back and you flush everything out of your system.  

Accidentally spotting each other naked

Changing around friends is common, but with best friends, things are on the extreme level because most probably the chances are that they have seen you naked at some point of time and now you are comfortable with it. You never intend to do so, but however you two have spotted each other naked. Or maybe one did it accidentally, so the other did it on purpose. 

Secret language/sings

As i already said that you and your best friend together look like aliens, so it is evident that you will have a secret language as well, to communicate. Every pair of best friends has a secret language that only they understand or may be just signs that nobody else can decode. 

First waxing experience

There has always been a friend who motivated you to go for waxing in the first place. You are refusing the one minute and the other minute you are lying naked in front of you bestie, without any sign of embarrassment. 

Laughing every time you trip in public

When you trip down in public, who is the one to laugh the loudest? Obviously your best friend., Every single time, I mean with the same intensity. I know how it feels.

Talking detailed relationship stuff

Talking the embarrassing stuff that you do in your relationship is not so embarrassing when the listener is your BFF. you can literally spit out every single detail while staring them in the eye. 

These are some embarrassing moments that we all share with only our best friends.