A mother is the greatest boon on humans. She is the one who inspires, motivates, loves you more than anyone in this world. All her efforts are rewarded with the title “World’s Most Awesome Mom!” given by her kids. These four words hold a special meaning for your mum. Isn’t it? If you were to ask your friends or close ones, who is their lifeline, then most of them will definitely say “My Mom.” From the first walk to the first talk, she is the best companion in every stage of life. She acts as a shield which protects you from all dangers and traumas. She brings out the best from you and makes you the person that can compete for this so-called supportive world. But with the passing time, you took them for granted and forgot to show how much she is unique to you. As Mother’s Day is approaching, so you have a perfect time to make her realize why is she so important in your life. With a special mother’s day gift you can say thanks for her love, support and care. A mother does countless things for her child. So, let’s find out some of the top reason why your mom is one in a million. Here are ten reasons, you can start with. Read out this complete blog and know about the incomparable role of a mother in your life.

She Gives You Life

A mother is a life giver. She gave birth to you and made you see this beautiful world. While giving birth to a child, a mother suffers through a pain which is hard to describe. According to researchers, that pain is equivalent to breaking no less than 20 bones simultaneously. But still, it is the incredible act of love which is amazing and makes this unique moment bearable. A big salute to mothers out there for their incredible efforts!

A Friend Forever

The more you grow, the more you realize your mom is your best friend. From daily talks to the secrets of your life, she is the one with whom you share the best moments of life. Just like a friend, she encourages you to do best, celebrate your success, mitigate your failures, understands you without spelling a word, comfort you and help you to solve your every problem. A friend can be betrayed but a friend like your mom is hard to find.

She Loves You Unconditionally

Mother’s love is just incomparable and inexpressible. Really! Her love knows no limits. The majesty of mother’s love is based on some aspects- efforts, sacrifice and dedication. She takes care of her kids and loves them eternally. Her reward is the smile which looks beautiful on her kid’s face. A mother is the one who loves you unconditionally and that is the reason why she is one in a million.

She Supports Your All Decisions

When a mother gives you support and confidence, then it feels like you have the power to conquer every battle of life. She supports you in your every decision and pushes you to perform well. She always tries in all the possible ways to take better decisions and undergo all the confusing circumstances. Whether you are taking your first step to your career or going for an interview for your first job, she is the only one who supports you in your every decision.

She Pushes You to Do Very Best

That’s true! No matter how difficult the challenges are, she is the only one who always encourages you to perform well. She gives you support, confidence and helps so that you can achieve your goals of life without any troubles. A mother always wants her child to be on the top of the world and achieve success in their life.

She Takes Your Side

Words won’t do justice to explain how your mother took your side when you got in trouble. She fights for you and stands by your side every time. Sometimes, she has a no better choice but to let you take the fall especially when you have done something wrong. Mother is the beautiful blessing of God who never leaves your hand till her last breath. So, when it comes to taking your stand, how will she make her step back? She believes in you and that’s the reason why she is your lifeline.

She Cooks Your Favorite Meals

Nothing can be more special than home-cooked food. Isn’t it? The mind-blowing taste of the food can delight anyone’s heart. You absolutely love what she cooks. The best part is that she very well know which dish or dessert you love. She knows your choice and preference as well as try different and hard to make cuisines just for your happiness. She is really a superwoman indeed.

She Handles Million Things at Once

Mother is always involved in household responsibilities and office work. From the office client’s meeting to taking care of children, she fits in her every role. She does everything without affecting her healthy bond with her family and kids. That’s the quality which gives you a brilliant reason to respect your mother more than before.

She has a Heart of Gold

In this harsh world where some people have a blackened heart, a mother’s heart is gold. She sees the world differently. She loves you unconditionally and trusts you undoubtedly. Her love shines and bright to fill your life with happiness. Mother’s Day is the right day to express your feelings for your mother and this can be easily done celebrating the day and her love with a special mother’s day cakes as it is the primary element of every celebration. Tell her that she has a heart of gold and she makes you proud to call you “World’s Best Mom.”

She Always Believes in You

A mother deserves a badge of “World’s Best Motivator” as she believes in you more than anyone and that’s the reason why she is said to be the most beautiful blessing of God. You may not have faith in yourself, but your mom had it undoubtedly. She believes in your strength and capability and therefore, always try to make yourself believes in you too.

If you ask us, what a mother actually means then we love to define it in one word, “Amaranthine” which means eternal. The word itself contains lots of components which can actually define a mother’s love and give you endless reasons to love your mom eternally.  A mother’s character is full of numerous feelings like ecstasy, humor, pleasure, purity, sanity, soothe, craziness, devotion, sacrifices which will be impossible to find in anyone else.

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