Tips to make your house Diwali ready

The festival of excitement, Goodwill, celebration, harmony, peace, and joy is approaching. People have started preparing themselves and their houses for this eventful celebration. The preparations of Diwali begin months before it actually arrives. After all, it is one of the most awaited festivals in the Indian tradition. It is a celebration that lasts for almost a week. Therefore, the excitement of Diwali is something that people find difficult to hide. Not just this, it is also the importance of this festival that makes it more exciting as we all know that Diwali is the celebration of good winning over evils. It has always been celebrated with great fun and frolic.

The enthusiasm for the Diwali celebration remains unmatched. At the same time, many of us might mistakenly believe that following the rituals of Diwali is the only task for Diwali. However, there are many other aspects that need to be catered to in order to make your house Diwali ready. After all, you have to welcome the Goddess of wealth to your house on the occasion of Diwali in order to seek her blessings. Besides that, you also have to leave an impression upon the guests who would be coming to your house in order to exchange Diwali gift hampers with you. Given below is a list of activities that you must do in order to make your house Diwali ready for you and your near ones

  • Safai! Safai! Safai

The foremost thing that strikes your brain while talking about Diwali is the mandatory Diwali Safai that you would have to do, whether willingly or unwillingly before Diwali arrives. After all, it is the time when all the old cupboards would be opened, and you would be supposed to clean your house thoroughly so that your house looks stunning to the guests. 

  • Toran

Make sure that you decorate the entrance of your house in order to welcome the guests who will be arriving at your house during the festive season. You may buy some readymade Toran from the markets and use them to decorate your house. Besides that, you can also try some paper craft ideas or use flowers for a handmade Toran and beautify your house. 

  • Rangoli

No matter how busy you are. You shall spare some time and make a beautiful pattern on the floor in order to impress your guests with a beautiful rangoli at the time of Diwali. 

  • Flowers

Another essential piece of stuff that you must bring to your house in order to make your house Diwali ready is that of a bunch of flowers. You can avail some beautiful flowers through online Diwali flower delivery to your house and use and decorate your house, or you can use them to exchange Diwali greetings as well. 

  • Lamps

Diwali would seem to be incomplete without there being any source of light in their house. So you shall make sure that you bring some lamps to your house in order to make your house Diwali ready. To make it more interesting, you can try some DIY craft ideas and make paper lamps in order to enjoy the festival. 

  • Earthen lamps

What would be the festival of lights without there being a trail of Diwali lights illuminating your house? So make sure that you get an ample amount of diyas for your house. Besides that, you can also decorate them in order to make them look more beautiful. 

  • Sweets

There would hardly be anybody who would forget to bring sweets on the occasion of Diwali. After all, Diwali is the time when even the gym freaks would go on a cheat meal and relish the taste of some sweet delicacies. You may buy Diwali sweets online and bring them to your house in order to relish the taste of tasty sweets and offer Diwali greetings to your dear ones. 

  • Wall hanging

You can also purchase some wall hangings or posters of Happy Diwali, Shubh Dipawali, Shubh Labh, etc., and beautify your house with the same, thereby catching everybody’s attention. 

While you remember to decorate your house with diyas, candles, posters, flowers, and Rangoli, you must also remember to play some music for creating festive Vibes and spreading happiness everywhere.