The Obvious Feels That You Can Expect To Have Before Your Wedding
The Obvious Feels That You Can Expect To Have Before Your Wedding

Weddings are a mix of lots of emotions, good and bad. One day you are excited and the other day anxiety kicks in. It’s Like you are on a roller coaster ride and you are scared. But don’t want to get off because you are enjoying the fear of the future adventure. 

Weddings are really special, it is a one in a lifetime thing and you are getting your chance now. I know the road from saying ‘yes’ to finally taking the vows, or the spheres, is not an easy one, there is a lot on your plate. You don’t want to get real with them but you can run off either because everyone wants their wedding to be perfect, right? Well, let alone the preparations, there is a constant flood going on your body and mind too. 

If you are getting married soon, I can guess that you must be feeling lots of different things at the same time. Lack of appetite, or staying absent minded all the time are some of the traits that your mind is running at a really fast pace and there is a cloud of feeling that keeps on raining all day and all night. Let me tell you that your partner is also feeling the same. Even if they are acting cool and all prepared in front of you, deep down they are feeling the same stuff too.

Well, if you two don’t want to talk about it, just send flowers to each other and show that you understand. Meanwhile, i’m going to prepare a list of some obvious feelings that you can expect before the wedding day so that you know that you are completely normal and it’s just a phase that happens with everyone. These may be just temporary feelings and will go away with time as the final day approaches. 

Is it too soon?

If you are getting the feeling that you agreed to get married too soon, don’t worry, you are not alone. This is one of the most obvious feelings that ought to come before the wedding day and hence i have put it in the top. Every bride and groom goes through this feeling that they might have rushed through the things, they should have taken some more time. When you analyse that your life is about to change in many ways, you will be sharing a lot of stuff with your partner, and you will have a permanent roommate, this feeling is expected to arrive. We know that it isn’t the easiest step, 

Where is my glow?

Everyone wants to look nice, actually the best on your D-day. But sometimes as the feeling of panic kicks in, no amount of glw seems perfect enough for the wedding. You will feel that your skin is becoming dull each day. No skincare, not even water, nothing seems to work for you. But as i already said. Its just a feeling and honey! You are glowing. 

Turn hypersensitive

You now people, especially the brides turn hypersensitive closer to their wedding. It is the grief of leaving the family, home, old lifestyle, and entering into a new phase that keeps striking in the mind. So, anything, literally anything can hurt you in heart and make you cry. In that case, order flowers online for your partner to make them feel they made a good choice. 

Too exhausted all the time

Prepping for the wedding day is exhausting and you tend to keep staying exhausted most of the time. It’s because of the mental stress that you feel exhausted even after a good sleep. 

These are some common feeling that you can expect to feel before your wedding