Simple Ways To Express Gratitude Towards Your Father On Father’s Day

Simple Ways To Express Gratitude Towards Your Father On Father’s Day

“Thank You dad for everything you have done for me”, as simple as these words look, they surely have a great impact on daddies. Well, I don’t think that any child ever says thank you in words to their dad, it gets kind of awkward, right? I understand and that’s why it’s better to say it in your actions. Well, the event of mother’s day is well sung and the whole world celebrates it with full enthusiasm. But father’s day is a little less famous event and many don’t even know there is a day dedicated to father. Well, having a  person in life who sacrificed their dreams and hopes to make our life better is surely worth an appreciation. 

Some of us will never know what all their dad has sacrificed for them and some do know but never got the nerve to appreciate it on his face, especially in brown families where such situations usually turn weird. Honesty, there is always something to thank your dad for, you just have to grab an opportunity to do so. He always wants your best and thus, you should also get the best father’s day gift for him. Meanwhile ill share with your some simple ways to show your gratitude to your daddy on this father’s day. 

Spend time together 

You know sometimes when words are not enough, just spending some time with someone is a gesture that you appreciate having them. Not always do you need words to express your feeling or what you what to say, just your presence will convey? This father’s day, make sure that you take out time and hang around with your father. Just listen to him, or participate in whatever he is doing. Show interest in his life, ask him about his hobbies, or job, ask him for his advice on particular things. This is actually a great way to show respect to your dad and his life experiences. 

Surprise him

Just like half of the population, chances are that even your dad is hardly aware of or remember something called ‘father’s day’. So, this gives you a window to surprise him. Now there are hundreds of ways to surprise your dad. You can either plan a mini party, as mini as your family members only because corona, you know! So, decorate a room without dropping a hint. Arrange a father’s day cake to bake one and surprise him. Show him that father’s day is equally important to mother’s day. You can even do something that your father has been asking you to do for a long time. This will be a true surprise for him and he will be happier than ever. 

Write a letter

Now, the next way is useful for people who find it awkward to say it in person but have a lot filled up in their heart that they want to say to their dad. You can write a letter for the same. The concept of writing letters is a real savior. It helps you express your heartfelt feelings in one go, no interruption, no facing the person, no awkward silence. You just pour it down on a piece of paper and phew! Your task is done. 

Gift from your salary

Another cute gesture to show gratitude for all the wishes he killed for you is by getting him something nice from your salary. If you just started earning, get a cute little father’s day gift for him, if you are an adult, try to get something your father always wished to buy. 

These are simple ways to show gratitude to your dad on father’s day.