Simple Steps To Cleanse The Aura & Remove Negativity From Your Life
Simple Steps To Cleanse The Aura & Remove Negativity From Your Life

Feels like being caught in a negative aura? Maybe it’s time to clean your aura if you haven’t done it in a while.  

If you take a pause and think of life on a broader scale you will realize that we live a life of dualism that is a combo of good and bad, light and dark or lets say, positive and negative. I’m no spiritual guru myself, but definitely know that there are vibes – positive and negative that surround us. Its not always positivity that we attract even if you are a positive soul on the inside. So, it is essential to remove negativity from time to time. Okay, think of it as decluttering your closet that you do every season. 

Similarly, have you ever thought of cleansing the stagnant energy from your life when the energies get mixed? As I already told you that I’m not really into spiritual cleansing, so, I’m going to list down some very simple steps that have nothing to do with reiki, to cleanse your aura and remove negativity from your life. You can do things like order flowers online for positivity. Yes, I’m talking about such simple steps. 

Signs That Show You Definitely Need Some Cleansing

Though you always know when you are stuck between negativity, but just in case you have missed the signs, here is a little help. Maybe you don’t believe in negative vibes and all, but if you see any of these signs, there are high chances that you are caught in one, and may need cleansing. 

  1. When you are having a bad day or in a serious funk
  2. When you are sad for apparently no reason at all
  3. When you feel sick or stressful
  4. After breakup, divorce, loss of someone close
  5. Constant fight with family / loved ones
  6. When you are feeling stuck at one point in life. 

Burn dried herbs

Okay, the easiest and the most famous way that people opt for when they want to cleanse the aura around them is by burning dried herbs. There are so many dried herbs that are available solely for cleansing purposes and they are effective too. The fragrant herbs are long burned as they omit cleansing smoke which puts you in a better mood. The fragrance will purify the vibe of the whole house which is good for everyone living there. 


You don’t need anyone else to do it for you, you can do it yourself. Whenever you are feeling low, try meditation. Meditation is a very effective way to fight negativity and have a better aura. It does not cost you anything and just makes you a more calmer person. 


Another easy, at home step that helps you bring positive energy. Yoga basically gives us some time to relax and introspect yourself. This is a very important step when you want to dispel the negative thoughts feeding inside you. After you get to know the source, you can easily replace them with positive thoughts.  

Cleanse with salt

You know cleansing salt has been used for sterilizing literally everything bad. There are so many ways to use salt for this purpose. You can sprinkle salt in the corners of the room and on carpet as it dispels negativity. You can even dissolve the salt in water and sprinkle this mixture in the air around you. 

The flower power

A very simple thing that you can do is fill your space with the smell of flowers. Get flower delivery online as flowers like lavender, sage are great to dissolve negative aura and leave you with fresh positive one. 

These are simple ways how you can cleanse your aura and remove negativity from life,