Silly But Hilarious Pranks Siblings Play On Each Other

It feels like yesterday when we were kids, and the only tension was to finish the homework in time. Those were the golden days when there was no internet, and the only way of entertainment was playing out with friends. It was like each day, there was a race who finished their homework first and came to call other kids to play. But you know even before we were aged enough to go to the playground to play and make new friends, we already had a best friend at home. It was our sibling who was there when we merely knew how to make friends or even spell it. There he/she was, the best gift your parents ever gave you. 

Siblings are your first best friends, though the bond might not look like the usual friendship, it’s more on the rough side.  But when you want a trustworthy friend, you can always look into your own house. You know sibling bond is a weird yet special one. They are never seen hanging out like normal friends, or I should say normal human beings. They might behave well in public, but the four walls of their room know the real secret. No matter how much siblings fight in their initial days but as we grow up, we realise that they are one of the very few people in life who will stand by our side when the whole world is against us. After all, siblings are family, and we have to make peace with their existence. This year, as I looked for rakhi online for my brother, I recall some pranks we played on each other. Let’s see if you can relate to some of them. 

Putting “adoption” tag

Each kid has played this trick where they tell the other one “You’re Adopted.” My sibling did as well, yet I was shrewd. I would not trust him, which is the reason he took it to the following level-He made fake records and even insisted on my parents, to tell the truth! Which now I know was just all big jest. He made one document, and since we were kids, I didn’t have a clue what that document actually notified, which is the reason I trusted him. I was so disturbed, and he stayed there getting a charge out of it. Yet, when I began crying, he helped me, he disclosed to me, and it was relieving though I never forgave him for the same. I loathed him such a great amount for doing this to me. 

Empty candy wrapper

Out of all the pranks, this one was the most hurting because it included candies and chocolates even though I agree that we both did it. When either of us found a candy that the other one hid somewhere, the first one ate it. After eating it guiltlessly, stuffed plastic in it and made it look like there is still half candy or chocolate left. It was one of the most substantial emotions to tune in to that shout. 

Fake bugging

The fear of lizards helped pull off this prank. I have had unusual hate for reptiles since my adolescence. Lizards are a little weird, and we should simply say that this unusual hate just stops me from being in the same room with those creatures. I’m sure some of you would relate to this fear. So, fake bugging with rubber lizards was a common prank pulled by siblings. 

These are some pranks that I can recall from childhood. Hope you are too related to them.