Say No To ‘Shagun Ka Lifafa’ With These Personalised Rakhi Gift Ideas

Whether it be calling her after a night out to enquire about your parents mood, or getting her advice on what to give your girlfriend, your sister has been your best partner in crime. She is someone who willingly participates in all your bad ideas and even stood by you to face consequences. Whether younger or elder, sisters are cooler versions of mom, with responsibility and an erk to have fun combined in one person. 

If you have a sister you have everything in the world because sisters are people who value relationships from the heart lifelong. You can always rely on her for everything, even your family secrets. So, for such a pure person that god has gifted you with, Raksha Bandhan is a super special day when you can celebrate a lovely bond with your sister. Simply putting in money in that ‘shagun ka lifafa’ would not be enough. She didn’t risk her life lying for you to parents so you just pick the easy way out and give her cash. Put in more effort for her and opt for personalised gifts. Following are some options that can be easily personalised and your sister is definite to love it. 

Personalised night lamp

We live in a world where most of the things that you must be looking at right now can be personalized, thanks to evolving techno, gifts made more special. So, a perfect rakhi gift for sister can be a night lamp which Is of course personalised. Replace her ordinary night lamp with a more personalised lamp. Now for personalization, you can opt for anything she loves, is she a Potterhead, or likes to stay lost in fairyland, or can’t have enough of marvel movies? Get her a lamp with one of these themed customized lamps for her that she can proudly hang in her room. 

DIY gift basket

When the idea of a gift basket comes the option to add literally anything in this word in the basket. Now, you don’t have to restrict yourself to anything. Pre[are a gift basket at home with useful products in it. Since you are her sibling, staying with her fr most part of the day, you know what type of personality she is. You can either make this basket a skincare hamper, or stick to eatable, or add home decor pieces. It is totally up to you.

Customised Tshirt

Getting a t-shirt customized is the most popular and safe gift idea. T-Shirts are a piece of clothing that no one can have enough of. So, get a cool personalised t-shirt for your sister. For personalisation, you can get anything printed on it. Just remember that you pick out lines that she will wear without embarrassment else the t-shirt is going in the last drawer of the cupboard. 

Personalised Planter

You thought plants and planters can be personalized? Think again because like I said almost everything around you is customisable. So, get a cool personalised planter with a little plant as a rakhi gift for your sister.

Make this Raksha Bandhan more special for your sister with personalised gifts that she will stop flaunting to everyone.